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The US dollar and the IMF

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How long will the US Dollar continue to reign as King Koin. Along with constant pressure from the EU, Russia, and China; we now have the IMF and Yes, (really) the US Government backing a plan that will fell the US dollar and replace it with SDR"s.
Never heard of SDR's? Guess what ? In our haste and focus to combat the inflation caused by Politicians and ner-do-wells, we had this great Re-Set sneak up behind us and start the frame work to make the US dollar kinda worthless.

By now, you are wondering how is this going to affect my crypto assets. Well, I am asking the same question. Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned a universal P2P tool to enable all persons to engage in commerce. Now we see BTC as a store of value and not so much a tool of commerce. The IMF is controlled by the uber hexa rich and I believe they have an addiction to making money vs serving mankind via commerce and education.

Please don't confuse me with a marxist nor a socialist that would make all things equal and thereby level the playing field so that everyone could become poor and live in intellectual and relative poverty. All are created equal, but not all have the opportunity to realize their dreams of peace and prosperity.

Rumors of a world order or cabal that would exert control over all nations have run amuck for decades. With world wide communication and commerce , we also have new worldwide economic pressures and of course the cabal that would see profit at a world wide level as none have dreamed of in the past.

Growing up in a small rural area of Texas, years ago, I heard my grandparents and parents dismiss rumors and outrageous tales of riches and kings, and plans to become one of these. They used a phase that showed how isolated we were from the woes of the rest of the world. It was always said with a smile to show they gave it a small chance in hell of being true. It goes like this. " how does that affect the price of rice in China?"

Now I am starting to see an actual influence of the world economy and how it affects the price of rice in China. Not to dismiss any of my thoughts with this small bit of humor, but how will these revelations affect you, and how will this affect your response to the diminishing of the treasure you have worked all these years to store up. Now we have more than inflation to combat. Monetary deflation and currency manipulation. What can you do NOW?

As always, my opinions are just like elbows and other body parts. Everyone has one. But don't blame FNL for my meandering thoughts. In my defense , I was left unattended at the keyboard for too long, and you can see the results.


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