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We do the hard research and technical analysis on large-cap & mid-cap coin offerings, exchanges, and decentralized finance to name a few topics. We want you to benefit from our team of traders, researchers, and writers as we discover how cryptos work and why we should add them to an investment portfolio?

Stack of Newspapers

The crypto asset industry never sleeps.  The power of information. The secrets of money.  The solutions to the financial puzzles created by big tech companies and developers.  Your crypto current see's are here.

We actually don't like to hear ourselves talk. However, we have heard that you may just love listening to us. So we will give you the power of decision. FNL podcasts found here, on Spotify, Anchor, Google, iTunes, and other popular podcast platforms.

Radio Show
Trading Floor

Meeting over 75 hours per week in live trading rooms gives FNL ample opportunity to bring you solid video content.  Full disclosure: most FNL & FNL Crypto videos are not edited nor scripted. Live is live.

Live trading rooms for members 5 nights a week help traders prepare weekly YouTube livestreams. We help investors and crypto-curious newcomers understand the evolving decentralized metaverse & perform expert technical & fundamental analysis. Join us on YouTube! 

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Typewriter Keys

Researchers find and verify data.  Traders analyze and test data.  Writers interpret and deliver data. Readers absorb and retain data. Bloggers paraphrase and redistribute data. It takes an army. Join our army!

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