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Sophos Security

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Phishing for treasures.

Below is an excerpt from the latest Sophos Article .

This article may be the best investment of your time for the whole year. One mistake on your side vs their side and imagine how much of your investments you could lose.

"The crooks can try threatening you with closing your account, warning you of an invoice you need to pay, flattering you with false praise, offering you a new job, or announcing that you’ve won a fake prize.

They may pretend to be your ISP today, they may masquerade as Apple iTunes tommorrow, and yesterday they might have said they were a courier company trying to delivery your latest online order.

In contrast, you only have to make one mistake for the crooks to win.

You might be tired, or in a hurry, or simply get caught up in an unlucky coincidence where the subject of a phishing message happens to match up with something you just did online.

Phishing isn’t a “solved game” after all, and phishing scams are still the main way that crooks get their first toe over the threshold in online cyberincidents such as ransomware attacks."

A quick list that will lighten your load. Check off each item in your defence against theft via Phishing.

  1. Use a seperate computer for your financial dealings. And, not a smart phone.

  2. Keep your software updates current. Most of these are security patches.

  3. Use an extension browser, such as Brave. and use the private option.

  4. Use a VPN. Free is not Free. There are costs for every program and app.

  5. Strong and Aggressive AntiVirus program

  6. Strong and unique passwords

  7. Look for Phishing emails and DO NOT Respond

  8. Use 2FA authentication on all exchanges and financial programs

  9. Store assets you don't need for trading off line. ( cold wallets are best) Ledger, Trezor, etc.

  10. Store your seed phrases off line and never copy and paste (it leaves a digital trail)

  11. Never expose a password or seed phrase . Never. period.

  12. Double check each address before you send crypto. The whole address.

  13. Don't talk or brag online about your coins, your money, or your success in trading. This makes you a target for all the lurking actors that would take your treasure.

THis is not a complete list of the steps you need to protect your investment. If you have large investment, there are many more measures you can take and some cost less than $75.00 Remember how many people out there would rejoice with $100 of your money. They never sleep. They are always hungry. Stay alert and watch your wallet. I can assure you ; they do.


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