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New Horses Wanted!

The highly infectious ZED RUN Tournament known as THE MAIDEN STAKES 2.0 will begin the qualification period for all unraced horses Wed. January 19, 2022 @ 12:00am UTC or 7pm Eastern (US) Standard Time on Tuesday the 18th of January. This means a stampede of Zed Run NFT horses will be making their racing debut, and running at least 25 races over next 7 days, in hopes of qualifying to compete for the actual tournament prize pool of $106,000.

Zed Run began running in-house tournaments in Q4 of 2021. They have since paid out over $9 million in tourney prize money. A multitude of tournament formats have already been introduced to the game ecosystem. These varietal formats offer a little something on the calendar so that horses of all capabilities can find their time to shine. For example, horses that have average records flourish in Zed tourneys like the A-Shaped Stakes & The Pity Points Cup, while strong winners take advantage of tournaments like the Keep-On-Winning Cup.

The Maiden Stakes 2.0 will feature a total of 1152 newbies that will make it into the quarterfinal rounds of one of two tournaments namely Tourney A & B. Tourney A will consist of the top 192 rookie horses in each of three speed funnels. Tourney B will feature the next 192 horses in each funnel. During the Qualifying Period, racehorses are ranked according to the distance funnel in which they compete: Sprinter, Mid Runner, or Marathoner. The distance funnels are defined as follows:

Sprinter 1000m, 1200m, 1400m Mid-Runner 1600m, 1800m, 2000m Marathoner 2200m, 2400m, 2600m

The most interesting thing about the way the qualifying works for not only The Maiden Stakes, but all Zed Run tourneys, is that the 25 races needed to qualify your horse can be absolutely free entries.....all of them. Any new racer that runs their first race during the qualifying period will automatically be eligible for the tourney, so long as they complete 25 races in any funnel. You can race your horse in it's first race, or Griffin race, and be paid in wETH for finishing in the top 3 places. You can then race the following 24+ races for free as well. And if your horse finishes in the top 1152 horses, respectively, you may go on to win $100's or $1000's in wETH...again all for free.

Check out all the rules in the following link (be sure to come back and ask us how we can help you get started in ZED RUN )

It is not too late to join the fun and momentum of Zed Run. Now is the time to get ready and set to race your first NFT horse. FNL can help you get started!

Visit FNL and ask for the crypto live trading room and access to the Zed Run sessions. See you on the track!


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