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Horse Power Overload!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

NASCAR Partners with VHS (Virtual Human Studio) to create an on-track experience for many loyal fans of the racing games. Horse racing has transcended the “classic betting” notion, and has evolved into a competitive, entertaining, and powerful experience. The news release isis in the following link from the Zed community.

“Recreating what fandom means through the concept of ownership, the NASCAR and VHS partnership will lay the foundation by exploring innovation around NFTs and what it means to have skin in the game,” says Chris Laurent, CEO, and Co-Founder of VHS.

The fandom of NASCAR is no joke, and neither is horse racing. NFT’s have already transformed what it means to be a part of the virtual world. With the integration of NASCAR into ZED, users will be able to add their own taste of favorited NASCAR racers to their horses. This collaboration is going to transform old-time classic horse racing with the forever expanding virtual world. The transition into WEB 3.0 is not a journey the blockchains, VHS, and NASCAR wish to take alone. This transcendence into the metaverse is transforming what community means.

Check out some Zed Run horseracing: 25K global users are racing thoroughbred NFT racehorses for real $ prize money....paid in Ethereum to be specific...Wrapped Ethereum to be exact. The virtual ownership of Zed horses, along with operating a breeding or racing stable, has added 3K users to the ecosystem in less than a month. Zed Run HQ is hosting opening Day at Zed HQ on Decentraland. The parcel of "land" owned by Zed HQ in Decentraland's virtual world is located in the same area as the Atari Casino. Atari has also released a line a skins, or custom paint jobs, for the Zed horses. The unique collectible Atari skinned horses and themed races help validate the game to domestic users. Seeing big name brands joining with Zed Run and VHS, including Stella Artois & Preakness, will expedite the adoption of this new virtual world of racing entertainment.

“We seek partnerships with those who build invaluable experiences for and with the community, and as the first-ever virtual world owned by its users, Decentraland continues to successfully attract thousands to its platform,” said COO and Co-Founder of VHS Rob Salha.

ZED RUN is very new. With less than 30,000 users and over 90,000 NFT race-able horses, there is infinite room to grow. This collaboration between NASCAR and VHS will grab the attention of 100,000+ exhilarated racers that will be partaking in 24/7 competitive races. The prediction is cutting itself short with the groundbreaking change this game will have on our economic world.

Full control of your own stable, breeding, personable designs, blood type and genotype of horses, and money multiplying the exemplar way are only a few incentives on the captivating virtual terrene world. You may want to visit and see examine the situation for yourself. With horses currently 4:1 ratio over current number of users, it is quite possible that an opportunity to purchase good horses to start your stable may never again have this user advantageous ratio. Though there will be plenty of horses stemming from the original 38,000 Genesis horses that populate the top tier of horses, it is likely that there will be waiting lists for horses when races become mainstream attraction. (


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