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I feel safer already.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

WASHINGTON: "President Joe Biden today will sign two directives aimed at advancing quantum science, including a memorandum outlining his administration’s plan to address national security risks posed by quantum computers that could be capable of cracking the Defense Department’s encryption. " A quote by Jaspreet Gill published by Breaking Defense News.

How could this directive possibly go wrong?

I for one have a hard time with news releases from the White House; and particularly from the current administration. If I could identify who was making these statements or who was in charge, then I could accept it easier. But, without full transparency, it really is hard to get behind a leader and believe the news organizations that seem to be hiding something.

Anyway, back to this story. Who today or 10 years ago has not heard of quantum computing and super computers? Years ago, the scientific community has announced the future capabilities of quantum computing.

How did this news story finally surface about a directive being released and what the hell does it mean when they issue a directive to "look at the possibility of compromised encryption" ? Are they going to take action, or will they just look at this problem and take no action. How would we know until a full blown crisis is revealed that crashes our defense systems, our banking system, our utilities , and our supply chains?

Our government looked at the possibility of inflation when they printed more money than most people can even imagine. They looked at the possibility of a war in Ukraine. They looked for years at the possibility that China was stealing Intellectual Property. ( Don't ask about Epstein)

They looked, and they turned their head and acted as if no one saw anything. Where do we place our trust now?

Can you think of any part of your personal or professional life that would not be turned upside down if all the passwords became common knowledge and no one had any privacy anymore? Yes, a quantum computer would render all passwords useless.

My personal take on this is the following. The government is not our savior. They do not run the world nor should they. A benevolent dictator is still a dictator. I am an avowed capitalist. I believe the private sector will develop remedies for theft, and disease, and food shortages, and more. The government should provide for the common defense and take note of the private sector's capabilities. If quantum computing is coming of age, then let the business community come to the rescue and develop an alternative for our privacy.

I do acknowledge the advances in science that we can attribute to NASA, the Dept of Defense, and other government entities. I also know, these advances were not born on the shoulders of women and men in uniform, but by civilians and doctors and scientists given the resources to experiment and fail and learn from those failures. All the while , they were aided by our Defense Dept. resources.

So, where do we draw the line between funding for specific problems and the general waste, fraud and abuse that seems to permeate government oversight. I don't have the answer, but I damn sure have the privilege and the duty to ask these questions.

Remember who is funding these concepts. The government has no money or property except what they take from the citizens. Please make them accountable for the resources they take and applaud the victories they accomplish.


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