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Transparent Trezor

Trezor says they support over a thousand coins. Well, well , well. Let's see.

At FNL , we pride our selves in transparency . We try to put on our customers ( our readers) eyeglasses and take a good look at us; at ourselves.

What does our customer see? How can we do better? Is our blog just a hack or marketing tool? Do we give you real info and value? Did I waste your precious time by using a sensational headline?

I consume hundreds of emails and pages of info from hundreds of sources daily. I thought I had become immune to the BS and the marketing noise that we all endure as we navigate the metaverse.

Well, I got caught again. I belived what I wanted to belive and I found out that a most trusted name in crypto Wallets has a hook. They give you the best information they have, but they hide the "what if" and the "what ever" deep inside their support/ discussion pages. ( You know, kinda like page 5 on a google search)

Trezor has room in their native wallet for 13 different coins. 3 of these, I recognized. The others looked to be shit coins or coins you can not access in the good ole USA.

I respect the awesome security that Trezor offers, but why do they say over a thosand coins , but the real answer is 13 , and you're on your own for the other ones you really would like to keep safe.

So, now I need to go thur a 3rd party and load more exchanges that I really don't want to expose to my portfolio, and if there is an issue, Trezor has already warned you. They do not support 3rd party apps.

So, In my next article on the Trezor T; I will tell you how difficult it is to get info on how to load these 3rd party apps, and how safe they tell you they are, and if an old man like me can really do this with out the help of a programmer/developer.

I challenge you to find the path to add coins to the existing list that comes right out of the box. If you can show me how to do this in less than 10 clicks or numerous google searches, then I would invite you to share your prowess with us; us mere earthings.

I have put in a long day today trying to navigate some stupid ass foreign exchange to buy a stupid moon shot coin. Damned if I didn't get the coin. Now I have to wade thru a few more days of torture and google searchs to see how to remove it from this damn exchange and stake it. I am a sucker for a tip on a new coin. Wish me luck, as intellect and experience seems to have left the house.

Oh, I have to divulge my ownership of a trezor t.

There; now i am transparent. ( is there a breeze in the room? I feel a breeze. Kinda like when your naked)

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