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The Magic Button to end all spam emails and hacking

One button you can push and end all of the spam, the hacking attempts, and the phishing attacks. The OFF button.

If this seems a bit drastic, think on this. You are connected to the world as never before. You have a digital identity that is verified and broadcast to the world every time you turn on your phone.

Every time you walk past another phone they ask each other questions (in their native Bluetooth language) Every-time you turn on your laptop and every time you work at your favorite Internet cafe or at the airport. Your phone network is always pinging the tower and giving your location to the network.

All the apps on your phone are communicating with the network and telling the network where you are or when you used them last, You gave them permission to do this. They can tell who you your friends are when you airdrop or message each other. You gave them permission to correlate with the people around you.

Now, you"ll join a bigger network and allow your phone to share time, location, and even talk and file sharing with anyone near you that needs a bit more signal strength or bandwidth. We call this 5G.

Even your appliances and your A/C and your doorbell have become a network and part of "The Internet of Things". They all share data, and all of them present a window into your world that a good hacker can exploit. Hell, even some toasters have been found to have software/hardware issues that allow them to be accessed by hackers.

If you are really ready to "Go Dark" then send me an email and I can get you more info. Unless you have already turned off your phone.

See how this works. You want and need information, and you want and need to talk to your customers or friends, and you want to travel. So, what do you do. For starters, Change Your Password !!! .

And since you have already told the world your birthday, your pets name, all your childrens name, your favorite color, where you went to school/college, your uncle's name (your mothers maiden name) on Facebook; what can you use for a password? Please don't use "password" for your password. If I were a hacker; That is the 1st one I'll try as soon as I access your wifi through the default password from the factory. (yes there is a default wifi password)

Many hacks can be accomplished through the printer you connect to your system. Change your password !

We'll talk more on this with recommendations from some great companies. If you hear the door bell and don't know who is ringing it, don't answer. This applies to emails also. And please, please, put some clothes on and cover up before you answer the door.


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