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The Good the Bad and the Crypto

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

"Good times for all ! " said the banner. We are all going to be rich, said the merchant. We are all going to die said the naysayer!

Your fortune does not hinge on what others say, but what you do and what you believe. I believe that Crypto Currency in all it's forms is a disruptor of business and commerce. I say that because any major change can throw you off balance. It can make you change your habits, your way of working, your beliefs, and your dreams.

I believe that every morning, the sun appears in the east and even if we cannot see it, as the world turns, the suns appears. Do you believe? Do you have faith that this happens every day?

Wisdom from the ages

Do you believe in the oldest of wisdoms that would say "Don't spend what you don't have? " Don't extend or leverage your self and in doing so, you have temporary satisfaction, but long term misery.

Enter stage left. From this longest playing drama; we have politicians and economists and crooks that would have you believe that money grows on trees and we can print our way out of debt. We just keep on printing money. Inflation be Damned!! These politicians keep spending more than what we have in the bank. But, where does this merry-go-round stop? Where does the fun stop and reality starts to take over?

History may not repeat itself as so many say, but the echos of past events sure do seem familiar. I would say to you, look to history and if you see a familiar pattern , read the rest of the story and see what happens. In our case, we could end up like Argentina, or Venezuela , or Greece, or war torn Germany. A wheel barrel full of printed money would not buy a loaf of bread, and you could not keep up with the new printed money as the treasury would keep adding zeros to every denomination so that they could keep the peace. At least that is what they believed . Keep the people happy. Make sure they have money.


Crypto Assets have utility. Changing the way we do business in logistics , health care, finance, real estate, and many more ways that have yet to surface. The nay sayers allege that crypto is made from nothing. Where do the US dollars come from? Are they backed by Gold bullion , or is there an Easter Bunny that lays one hundred dollar bills at some Federal Reserve Bank? Crypto assets act like real money more than the American Dollar does.

Crypto can be spent in so many ways. Pay Pal, Venmo, Master Card, Visa and now whole countries will accept your payments and your deposits in Crypto. El Salvador anyone?

Crypto can be saved, just like any bank account or savings , or CD's. ( and it pays much higher dividends.) Major hedge fund managers have added crypto to their assets list.

Crypto also has a bad reputation because of some evil doers and thieves . But only 4% of financial crimes are committed using crypto currency ; 96% is done the old fashion way with US dollars.

Do these attributes sound like money to you? How bout money that will resist inflation? Not like the fiat currency that our governments print like a Monopoly money. Follow us in this new and exciting path. (new for many and some are old hat). See how your hard earned money can grow with time and not shrink every day. Learn the new rules of the road as we travel together along this path. You do know that there is safety in numbers.

Don't get tied up in knots trying to figure out this new asset. Join us and learn the old fashion way.

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