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Thank you, Joe Biden

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I personally want to thank Joe Biden and his ilk, and the previous administrations that have been so free with spending YOUR money, that they have almost destroyed our money.

Today, our money is worth less (worthless) as compared to yesterday. And the day before, and the day before that and ad nauseam, ad nauseam.

So, who do you pin this debacle on. Where do you go for redress, for paybacks, or even revenge?

Go to the people that keep printing money and giving it away like there is no tomorrow.

But , I have mentioned that in person and in print. It seems to have no effect.

Now , the thank you part.

When I saw the price of fuel in 1973 go past a dollar a gallon. I had to park my car . I bought a bicycle to get around town, but my apartment was 20 miles from my job.

Before I left home and joined the Army, in 1971 the local gas prices in the Dallas area were 30 cents a gallon. A brand new car cost me $1600.00.

In 1973 this gas crisis helped to drive the price above a dollar ( and artificial shortages ). I was stationed outside the Pentagon, and the lines to buy gas were blocks and blocks long. They rationed the sale of gas to odd numbered license plates for odd numbered days. And so forth for the even numbered days.

My car was licensed in Texas, and I was in Virginia. My car's license plate started with a letter, not a number. I had been censored and restricted from buying gas because of where I lived and how I licensed my car. My only option was to go to a small store miles away that took dollar bills in a machine and dispensed gas. But only after midnight when the store closed and before they shut off the gas vending machines for the night.

When I found that vending machine on a deserted country road that took my money and did not asked questions, I had bypassed the centralized logistics of attended fuel pumps and found something I had never seen before (in the time of gas stations that pumped your gas for you).

A machine that took your money and dispensed gasoline. How cool was that? Just like a coke machine. It would not censor or discriminate because of your citizenship or your accent. It took your money and gave you product. (sounds like crypto , Huh?) No questions asked. Truly awesome.

Thankfully, some of my army buddies would let me sleep in their apartment when I ran out of gas. It happened too many times during this gas shortage. And then, just like that; it was over. Everyone could buy gas again.

So, now, 50 years later, I have found another de-centralized currency that bypasses censorship, bypasses local laws and requirements, but it also does not inflate because of political pressure . There is a fixed supply of this currency and no government can carelessly print more of this currency. It's impossible to counterfeit also. And I can spend this currency day or night without asking anyone's permission. I call this new currency Bitcoin.

So, Joe Biden and rest of the crew that came before you; Thank you for making this possible. Only thru the pain of inflation and counterfeit shortages was this thing called "crypto currency" birthed. With a set supply of 21 million BTC, only supply and demand will drive the value and price of this currency.

I have seen this money/inflation issue coming for many a year , but I had no recourse as my money became worth less. All I could do was work harder and longer. I still struggled to get ahead of my earning/spending curve.

I was reminiscing as I write this about the price of a Snickers Bar and a Coke today; as compared to the 5 cent Coke and the 5 cent candy bars of my youth.

I must admit; I think they tasted so much better when all I had was 1 thin dime and I could enjoy a cold drink and candy under a shade tree on a hot summer day.

Those were the days.

I'm not saying they were better. No way, but if you buy some Bitcoin today for 40 or 50K, you may look back in comparison 40 or 50 years from now and think about the same snack today that costs $5 vs when life was simple and you bought that same snack for 10 cents. And this time, the price is not affected by inflation. Only the true value of supply and demand.

So, Chill out and try to imagine what .10000314 Satoshi will buy 50 years from now. Amazing isn't it. Daydreams can become real if you wait and work for it.


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Lori B
Lori B
Apr 19, 2022

Cool pics and FJB!!!!!!!!!!!

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