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Sorry Charlie!

Your request to travel to see your dying mother has been denied.
Also, your request to buy a new car has been denied.
Next week, your access to your bank account and debit cards will be temporarily terminated.
In order to review these actions, you must appear before a court of our choosing and defend the allegations of your social media posting and your defiance to our new laws.

If you fail to appear before the court, your food card stamps will be cancelled. You thought this was a democracy, and you were wrong. All wrong thinking has consequences.

Signed " The Government" We're here to help.

This could be the plot of a new novel. But wait. It sounds as if someone has beat me to the story. And now, they have actually put in place these new regulations and they here to help me. Why am I not happy? The gobernment is here to serve the people and insure our Safety and Security And protect us from criminal attacks.

Welcome to the new ( or the old) World Order. Your thinking is controlled. Your speech can get you a prison sentence and your family will suffer along with you. You do not have a choice in your medical decisions nor how you spend your money. (Even though your money is almost worthless)

Welcome to the United States of Control and Taxation. I know you voted in all the elections, but that was just a show. We tell you what your taxes are, but we add on tax after tax in the form of inflation. You see, all the money we printed did not actually go to infrastructure or defense. Most of this money was stolen and put in offshore bank accounts of the people that were hired to be gobernment servants.

Welcome. While you're here, please follow all stated and unstated rules. If you have a question, feel free to keep your questions and opinions to your self. This will help your social media score and maybe keep you from an involuntary kidney donation. Maybe.

Again, we are here to help.

In my feeble attempt to understand how the general population can tolerate the inflation and taxation without a tremendous uproar, I came across many historic similarities.

The money systems were tied to government control. The cronies and bureaucrats took control of the legal system and then the military was called in to quell dissent.

Taxes were levied, but the hidden tax of inflation was devastating. When your paycheck was not sufficient to pay for food and housing, you got another job, Then you could not pay the taxes. Then someone with a gun came to your door to question your delinquent taxes and you end up in jail. Then your family loses their home and they are out on the street begging.

This story has been told over and over again. It is happening today and the United States as a nation is whistling past the grave yard as they walk down the same path. How long will it be before you are called in front of a judge to pay your last farthing as a fine and your family goes hungry? Have you ever heard of Hungary, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Germany 1919, Greece, China in 1945, Peru in 1990, France in 1795, Nicaragua 1979 ? The list has at least 56 countries. When you study the list of countries, look at the percentage of countries that failed and how they were controlled or embraced Marxism or Communism. My question today. Why is the USA adopting these same economic fallacies.

All of these countries had hyper inflation and only exist today in name only . Their prior glory is history. The path back to normalcy was littered with the dead and suffering and took years and years to gain back a portion of the lifestyle they had prior to the fall of their currency.

Crypto followers; You thought your "new" money would allow you to trade without interference from the gobernment, but they took control of that too. ( cryptocurrency ) The new Central Bank Digital Currency was a "godsend" of economy and ease of use. But it was also programable. The gobernment can program the use of this new CBDC coin to make sure you spend it "properly" , or not spend it at all. Just look at China. They seem to have a choke hold on many politicians, US Businesses, and even military leaders.

If you agree or disagree with my musings, please use your voice to comment. ( while you still can ) But be careful. You just thought you were living in a land of "free speech". At the current rate of censorship; you will soon be limited in the area of dissent. Then who will come to your aid? Who will be your voice?

If censorship does not work, then we will use your family to make you comply.

" Kidneys for sale!"

Yes, this has happened before. And it has happened to strong and proud and prosperous nations. The money was inflated until it was worthless, then the threat of violence was the rule of law. The next step towards nationwide compliance (like Socialism or Marxism) is genocide. Then who will disagree with you.


Photo attribution; Pixabay, David Jeffries

Links to hyperinflation in history

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Sad, terrifying, I’m stunned that with so much history available for study, and yet here we are, “whistling as we walk past the graveyard” as you so succinctly put it.

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