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NFT? Need For Teaching

"Shh. We have spotted a rare and wild non-fungible token. A ferocious unique one-of-a-kind digital item that carries it's own value on it's back and lives in the opensea."

-The NFT Hunter

In all seriousness, the NFT is new form of technology that has emerged in the financial & trading markets and we the people deserve to know more about it. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have subjective value built upon interest. Not interest like percentage rate, but interest like demand. If you have something that no other person has, and you encrypt the data of that thing so it proves authenticity and ownership, then there may be a market and buyers readily to take ownership of that something for the right price. This phenomenon would take place because the buyers subjectively "trust" that the something (NFT) is immutably/unchangeably and undeniably the only something (NFT) that exists that is exactly that something. Interested but confused?

We found answers thanks to an email tip from WAIT NO MORE! We find ourselves discussing NFTs all too often. We have found that rarely have we had a conversation that has lasted long enough for someone to explain the what, why, where, how of NFTs. But, we want to know! We want to learn at our own pace. We want to reject these seemingly fascinating little potential laundry vehicles due to the fact that we as adults are commonly unwilling to digest theories or therefore as truths. Before we judge or judge not, we should really give the NFTs a fair chance of understanding.

Try this article to possible broaden your scope on the NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN. And then come back to enjoy a funny video at the end of this article:

Funny Video:


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