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Meta Hearse or MetaVerse

I know you wonder how this Web 3.0 jumped ahead to Metaverse. I wonder if we have jumped ahead of the game and we are desperate to find a hammer , as all our challenges look like a nail.

Meta is finally opening up access to its VR social platform Horizon Worlds.

Zuckerberg dropped tons of money on this for over 2 years. If you are a FB user, this Thursday you can hang out with up to 20 people in VR.

It seems most of the VR crowd go to "The Plaza" and find out "What's happing". Make sure to set your security settings or you may find yourself being sexually groped while you hang out in the "crowd".

I have enough problems with my privacy just by owning an iPhone and letting all my apps go wild and talk to other nearby phones. Talk about getting naked. Is there anything Google or Meta does not know about you already. ( except that I already have a car warranty )

So, now we can enter a virtual world and communicate with anyone in that particular room or community. All you need is a FB account and you can get in. But; how will you trust these new uninvited avatars and how can they integrate into your tribe? Are they there to share knowledge or help with problems; Or just lurk and grope ?

Is Meta going to set the standard by getting there 1st? Will the powers that be control the conversation and censor anyone that might have a differing opinion and dares to put that idea into a virtual world for all to examine? How can we move toward innovation if the conversations are not decentralized? If anyone can talk, then how will you pick and chose a conversation or a particular subject?

Right now, I have enough problems on “Discord” when I ask for some help and everyone goes apeshit crazy thinking I am a hacker. ( I'm Not a hacker, just an old man with questions)

I also have little control over my personal information and its open disclosure to the world thanks to 2 different government offices that had a stupid ass employee that took a government laptop home from work. One stopped for lunch at a strip joint and left the laptop in the front seat of the car. ( can you spell stupid? ) So much for physical security. The other information dump was via the same action, but a smash and grab at a mall did the trick. So, over 2 million vets and government contractors had their personal info sold on the dark web. Thanks so much Uncle Sam.

Now, think how a list of patients, or insured, or school children and their parents would work out when someone working from home used 123456 as a password and did not even use a VPN. Then , that person uses the same computer to surf the Metaverse. Oh, did I add the fact that the security updates were months out of date? ( reddit squared )

I could go on and on, but everyone that uses a computer knows someone like this. They don’t practice safe security nor do they put up defenses to Trojan ware or ransom ware or phishing attacks. They come calling to the IT dept when they have a crash or a slow down on their system and they wonder “how did this happen”. ( and these guys are supposed to have an IQ at least 10 degrees above plant life)

So now, what is this new virtual world look like. For the user, it will be fun. For Meta, it will be profitable (think advertising ) for the hacker, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Get smart before you get caught with your pants down in the Meta. Learn where and when you need to keep your guard up. Do your updateds and Change your password. Yes you. ( and don’t take pictures on your phone of your seed phase)


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Thanks David Glad you are posting again!

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