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Need Some more Alphabet Soup?

The government agencies that will have their say before or after the new laws are put in place are listed below. Really...... There are more that will pile on as they find this new source of "Tax Revenue" If you wondered why a DeFi loan is so cheap as compared to a conventional loan. Look no further. The "friction" you heard about is listed below.

As the Senate hearings move forward, I suspect the Feds will get what they want. Blood and taxes. Of course they will settle for taxes. Guess who will fund this new Infrastructure Theft ( I mean Bill ). That's right , the new kid on the block that our elected officials have not drawn and quartered yet.

See if you can find the entity or the dept. below that will not be putting their fingers into the Crypto Tax Pie. I'll Wait.

There is one listed above you may not know, but they will hold a lot of the cards in this game. The OCC. Look it up. Just some basic research pulled up all of these ABC entities. Took me 3 hrs.( plus the typing) With some deep dives, you could find a lot more that want in on this game.

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