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Trust the Trezor T ?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

A product review from a consumer viewpoint. Part 2

I have waited 3 weeks for a reply from Trezor. As promised, they did reply to my question of how to load some of the 1791 coins that Trezor advertised as supported. I am beginning to question the marketing and advertising push for this most trusted device. If you have spent any time in the Cryptoverse, then you know how easy it is to send your coin into oblivion and lose it forever. Another way to lose your hard earned coin is to get a little careless, or a little greedy, and answer an ad for some ginormous APY or some phishing attempt that warns you of an impending loss of privileges to your exchange wallet. I am sure you have seen warnings about counterfeit devices that look exactly like the real thing, and even Amazon has been spoofed. Yes, some some of these devices that will steal your coin have been sold on Amazon.

All the stories I have read about lost or stolen coins recommend a certain procedure. ie: Buy your device straight from the manufacturer. Go to the manufactures website. Don't answer Emails from unknown URL's, they may be a Trojan horse.

With that in mind, I followed the advice of Trezor Support and went to a 3rd party wallet. WTH ( You were warned )

In a drop down menu for supported coins, you have to go to a 3rd party in order use the Trezor. Oh, Really? Dear Trezor. Why should I have to go to an unknown and untrusted platform in order to use your device. How can I trust this 3rd party with my wealth? Hell, even Trezor posts a warning that they are not responsible if you try to load an app and store one of the coins they say are supported.

So, I went to look at the ADA coin and I got this warning from Trezor

So, at this point I have sent another Email to Trezor support. I hope they can reassure me that the pop-up warning is wrong. I hope they can assure me that they really do support some 1700 or so coins. I hope I don't have to hire a DEV or a programmer in order to make sense of GitHub. I just used ADA as an example. I will see if they respond, but still, I am losing confidence in the security and the advertising claims made by Trezor

I would like to say I am happy with my choice in another Hardware Wallet. So far, the Ledger has done exactly what it says, but it will only hold 2 or 3 coins. Good luck with the numerous others on the market or the online wallets.

I learned long ago, in order to gain the trust of a customer and keep a lasting relationship ( return customer) you have to see yourself as the customer sees you. We had a very successful class that taught our service techs how to relate and respond to the customers needs. It was called "The customer's eyeglasses" Look at your self thru the eyes of your customer. What do you see? How can you do better?

I have stated in another blog article. I believe Crypto will never succeed or enjoy wide spread adoption until the industry recognizes the issue of customer satisfaction and the difficulty of user interface and trust. Until then, you will only capture a small portion of the people with disposable income. Or people that can understand and use Robinhood.

December 30th, 2021
I have had a few months to learn and look at the Trezor T. My apologies that I did not get back sooner to both of my followers. :) At my age, life comes at you real fast.

The Trezor T will accept the coins it advertises, but when you look at the list, you will see they are BTC or ERC20. Anything else, you have to add a wallet and the wallet added only stores the private keys. I'm still working on this and I will continue to add to this blog piece. So, stay tuned, or tune in to our online peer to peer discussion and feel free to add to our voyage as we gain in Satochi's and knowledge.

I found a great explanation of wallets and more here.


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