Lessons on how to destroy a nation. $$$

Updated: Apr 4

“I’m from the Government , and I’m here to Help You”

Ukraine vs Russia looks like the people vs the government. Do you question the current world disruption? Have you wondered what is going on. Why is this happening? What started this war?
This situation could be like History. It can and may repeat itself . You know the old saying. "Coming soon to a theater near you."
The other side of this coin is " FOLLOW THE MONEY"

The 9 words of propaganda often attributed to Ronald Reagan has proven to be some of the scariest words known to man. The government always says that "I am here to help". Proof in the pudding shows they are "here to control". In their defense, although misguided; they have lost faith in the wisdom of conservative financial practices and personal responsibility. Schemes and plans are put in place to obscure their ultimate intentions.

Most elected officials seem to move to the side of control vs freedom as few keep the faith and cling to their original ideals. This is an ongoing situation, but stay with me here. And see if you can recognize a familiar story as it plays out overseas.

Recent moves by the US government strangely mirror the government controls used in China and Russia. Edict and Executive Orders have replaced the will of people and Representative Legislation. Marxism has seeped into the US Government in the name of “I’m Here to Help” and this is necessary to move forward on the controls needed to "save our country".

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) just recently disclosed that Sanctions against Russia could weaken the US dollar. This was blamed on Russia friendly countries bypassing the sanctions by using their own native currencies and the use of Bitcoin as a workaround for these sanctions.

These warnings seem more than a bit disingenuous due to the fact the IMF is controlled by mostly US banking regulators. The US Treasury Department is the largest supporter and financial backer of the IMF.

So, where is the disconnect between the US government and the IMF?

Does the present Administration really support sanctions against Russia, or is this a ploy to support the current administration's political objectives, by letting the so called independent IMF warn against sanctions?

This war in Russia may very well be the action Putin needs to disconnect from the US dollar and move into a new currency that leaves the US dollar in a subordinate position behind China, Russian and India. The need for control.... Financial control. Does this ring a bell? And how much of this conversation has mentioned the control and sale of fossil fuels?

So now, we blame the devaluation of the US dollar on sanctions and war, instead of out of control spending and money printing. We issue executive orders to corporations and banking institutions to spend heavily on disproven Green Initiatives and choke off loans to conventional industries that are not "Green" enough. Failure to comply will result in inspections and regulations and penalties including public humiliation. We spend and we spend. Who profits? Where does this money come from, and where does it go?

Green initiatives are supported by behind the scenes dark money from China and Russia.

Money that pushes the "Green for thee, but not for me" movement. Money that supports more and more government and private control of your resources and your actions and even your thinking.

I propose a historical look back on the most prosperous and peaceful nations in history . Nations that had their financial system segregated from the government. When the government came to the banks to borrow money for their Wars, this was the camel’s nose inside the tent. From that point on, when the government obtained control over the banking system there was no one to keep them from printing money and inflating that money for their own devices.

So now, we have a new war on the Horizon. Hoisted upon us in the name of "I'm here to help" The biggest theft ever is taking place now and is hidden under the veil of a new tax called inflation; made necessary to hide the never before seen theft of time and resources caused by the fear of not going green. (and yet the rich and powerful still buy houses near the sea and fly in private jets)

Time after time, prosperous nations have failed and disappeared when their economic system was overtaken by their Elected governments. History does indeed repeat itself.