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ICYMI "the security of your coins" Get naked or get secure.

Did you know, that if you have "one time passwords" or SMS authentication to login to your crypto exchange; you really are better off not having any secondary security.

In other words, Use 2FA or physical security keys or go naked and don't use anything but your name and password.

This is due to the ongoing issues with Simm Card swaps. Someone gets to a cell phone dealer and talks them into getting a new Simm card because "they lost their phone" or "it was stolen" or who knows. Maybe the guy slipped a couple of Franklins under the counter and got your # on a new Simm card.

This # now belongs to them, not you. The hackers will see everything you have. They will lock you out after they have cloned any data you left on the cloud. They have control.

Now with this attack vector, they have your Email and other personal data and they know where you store your coins if you use a phone to trade. Imagine where this is going.

They hack your email, change your passwords, send nudes to your college prof, and more. They may even hack your Facebook page and find others like you to steal from. Shame on them.

So, go 2FA or go naked. And quit using "superman" for your password. That and the other marvel guys are the 1st names on any hackers list.

Enjoy. If you want to know more about how to keep your coins , then read our other blogs and please start with a strong password. If you think your password has been passed around the locker room, go here to find out if your password is being used somewhere else.


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