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Are You a Driven Dragon or Creative Crab?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Gary (Vee) Vaynerchuk is well on his way to achieving elite status amongst entrepreneurs, marketers, and by the likes of the social media. Starting by taking over a family wine business that was already worth $5 million could have been the reckoning of a lesser man. Within 5 years of owning, operating, and growing Wine Library, the business had a net worth of $60 million. This wasn't enough for an ambitious man with a continuous growth mindset.

Drive and Ambition. Despite being reportedly worth $160M, Gary is known for hitting garage sales and rummaging for simple things: baseball cards, books, hot wheels, Pokemon cards, you name it. Gary's grassroots approach to making money has earned him respect and followers in the social media industry and with younger generations of people.

The Creator of VaynerMedia, a top tier marketing brand for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, has now launched an NFT collection of his own. VeeFriends is driven by his elaborate yet questionably elementary artwork. All avatars are meant to be a motivator, such as Creative Crab or Driven Dragon, which is actually bidding for nearly $93,000.

A purchase of one of the VeeFriends creations through comes with an admission ticket to the next 3 years of VeeCon. VeeCon can best be forecasted to be a convention for VeeFriends and friends of Vee's NFT's.

For a few moments in an interview with Vaynerchuk, he discusses the true and real value the NFT market. He advises that it just takes a thorough education to understand the new tokenization of assets.


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