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ETH 2.0 is closer than you think

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The final test net for ETH was launched . It's called Kiln. The Ethereum Foundation announced the release yesterday. The last public testate before PoS takes over from the Proof of Work mining algorithm.

At this point, the current main net will "merge" with the Beacon Chain PoS system. Still undecided is the affect of PoS and gas fees. Many competitors tout the lower fees on their network as the doom of Ethereum. Most predictions call for mid-June for the merger.

Staking for ETH 2.o has been going on for a while. Currently there are 10 million staked ETH. This equates to over 26 Billion USD at this time.

If you have not heard, ETH 2.0 is a bit confusing for many people, so the Eth Foundation has re-branded to ETH Consensus. Hoping this will quell some of the confusion.


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