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Crypto will NOT Succeed

Until the real customers are satisfied and at ease with this new digital currency . Until then; crypto will be a pain in the ass and only a few of the top coins will be widely adopted.

If you question my opinion, think about the real customer. The existing users are commercial, and early adopters, that do not fear the technical hurtles nor the real possibility of losing their assets.

Do you think the vast majority of people with disposable assets will just up and change their mind because you want them to? The user interface on DeFi ,and AMM, and wallet addresses, and liquidity pools, and yield farming, and NFT's is more than daunting for the average person that has fiat and also is ready to put it at risk.

The hurtle is even higher when they don't understand all the new language and the difference between Satoshi's and Proof of Stake. So, you guys and gals that write and develop the code and interfaces, are you going to wait until 2 generations die off before you see a 30% increase in adoption.

A large percentage of users today either hodl BTC or Doge. They don't trade, and they don't have a hard wallet. I know the widespread adoption of crypto will cement the foothold you desire, but you guys have a long way to go in order to get your older (and richer) customers to understand why they have to work with 20+ Layer 1 blockchains and have 6 or more accounts to buy the coin that fits their idea of a good investment.

When they can have piece of mind and can spend and borrow as easily as they write a check today,

Then, and only then will you see widespread adoption. They are not stupid, they are conservative and set in their ways. Give them good reason to change.

Oh, did I mention that these old geezers ( like me ) also have the ear of your legislators and the check book to make them think twice before they listen to the existing bank/ money institutions . Make it easy and secure to adopt crypto; this is when you can UNBANK a large group of customers. When they don't even know they are spending crypto. You know, kinda like riding a bike.

I could go on and on about everything from the fear of a cashless society to the devil's work, to the resistance from the existing and powerful banking industry. You guys have enough on your plate to overcome, so don't make it worse by having 12,000 coins and each of them has a different GUI and made up words that change every day.

These same people I have mentioned know that inflation is eating away at their retirement nest egg. Since Billions and Billions are locked away in conventional money accounts, they know the real risk of not changing. But, the least we can do is offer them a new strategy that is familiar and easy to adopt.


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