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Chasing the Dollar during Inflation and Losing the Value

The Fed is telling the world that " We will help" with the inflation crisis by slowly increasing the interest rate and helping to slow down the loss of value in our economy. "Really"? I would ask the Fed this question but I won't wait for a truthful answer.

You are acting as our savior, but who created this mess by creating money from thin air and spreading it around like fairy dust. You? THE FED, will be our savior?

Time and again in history, we have seen an economy resurrected from disasterous inflation by cutting the money supply to a realistic level of support and thereby bringing trust and value back to the people that need it the most. Those countries that continued printing money are now history.

When the goverment wants to force the people to behave in a certain way, they bribe them with "free stuff". I would argue "Nothing is Free". All the benefits are passed around but someone has to pay for these goods and services. Nothing is Free. The working class that shoulder the heaviest tax burden are the one that "pay" for all your "free shit". Get real people. Nothing is free. Especially, Money.

Now, when we get real and look at the real problem, the money supply; we need to take action stop the infection and the pain. The painful and the quickest way is to rip off the bandaids and expose the wounds to the air and light. It's also the cheapest way to get back to reality.

At this time, more than any time I can remember; people don't trust their government. They blame their uncertain future and ability to save money on the actions of their elected "leaders". We can see behind the curtain, and we see what you are doing.

So, if you are one of these "leaders" then take the mantle of leadership and do the right thing. It will be painful, but in the long run; not only will we survive , but we will prosper. Living under the weight of suspicion and distrust of our government stymies the economy and slows down the healing process.

As a message and a warning to our Government.

Cut the money supply!

It will be painful at first. Do the right thing!

Might I mention another side effect of your treachery. The money industry is changing. This thing called cryptocurrency is going to take a huge bite out of your personal candy machine. It is lean and mean and you can not stop it. Your over reach and your onerous regulations will only serve to drive the people into this new and independent currency.

It is literally for all the people. Not just the ones that some government has decided are educated and responsible enough to take part in all things financial.

It will raise the standard of living of unbanked people currently living in poverty by giving them control, control over their personal finances and allowing borrowing and lending by people that have no ID or even a birth certificate. This control may just be to borrow enough to buy a goat, but that goat can produce milk that can then be traded or sold. This is how companies and corporations get started. One deal at a time. Stone upon stone until a house is built.

Control and access to a form of currency that will retain it's value and is inflation resistant. It's value increases due to the natural state of supply and demand and not by artificial manipulation of the fiat currency and government fraud.

This is a warning to all. A clarion call for reform and truth.

Bring on the sunlight and expose the infection so that it can heal.

This is a call to the people that will experience a short and painful recovery and the government that will fail and be banished to history when it fails to reform and become a servant to the people rather than a millstone around their neck.

I know the Dollar and Crypto can exist beside each other in peace and both can bring prosperity. Just like Gold and Silver have lived side by side thru the ages. So, I don't worry about the "cashless society" that alarms so many people.


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Lori B
Lori B
Apr 27, 2022

Love, love, love this article!!!

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