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Barkley's of Bitcoin

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Saquon Barkley, former Penn State Heisman candidate running back, and now a current NFL All-star, has announced that he will be taking a ride on the crypto train for his career. Noticing that inflation is rising on our traditional currency, he has made the analyzed choice of taking all future endorsements in Bitcoin. Mid-tier players are making hundreds of thousands off local endorsements, while Mr. Barkley will make “more than $10 million annually,” off of his deals with companies like Nike, Toyota, and Pepsi.

Barkley, with a selfless approach, believes Bitcoin is the sure way to create generational wealth for his family. Taking a step back, he sees that being a running back means shorter career length. Elite veteran athletes like Tom Brady and Lebron James, who have been playing professionally for more than 15 years in their respective sport, arguably do not endure the same physical toll on their bodies as Saquon does in his role with the New York Giants. Play after play, Barkley charges directly at the defense doing whatever he can to get every inch. Playing only 2 games in the 2020 season due to a torn ACL, Bitcoin may be the smartest move he can make. The average running back in the NFL only plays 4-5 seasons, and ones who suffer from injury only make it 2.5 seasons. Thinking about the future is important to the athletes that play against the odds that their career length will reach eligibility for league pension.

Saquon joins an A-list of professional athletes to take the crypto leap of faith with their fortunes. Earlier this year, and on the other end of the longevity list, 11 year NFL offensive lineman Russell Okung took half of his $13 million dollar salary in BTC. When the price of Bitcoin climbed over $60K Russell was being considered "the highest paid NFL player" instantly. QB Trevor Lawrence, 2021 first round number 1 draft pick, is receiving his signing bonus of $23 million in bitcoin. And these are just the salaries. NFT's are scoring a touchdown with many pro athletes as the ideal way to monetize sports collectibles and memorabilia. Crypto assets and cryptocurrencies are creating a win-win for the stars and their fans.


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