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Are you going to let crypto die on the vine?

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

Great and wonderful ideas are many times met with ridicule, disbelief, and much resistance. When we look at this new form of value transfer and form of money, would you hazard a guess where the strongest resistance is rooted. Would you believe that it comes from the money sector of our society. The very people that know how money works and yet they continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Banks and regulators.

Wells Fargo was the top net branch closer in 2021, closing on net 267 retail locations.

How many times in modern history have you seen money that has failed to perform, or has become so hard to acquire and utilize, that the general populace gravitated toward a form of trade that did not use money. During this time, did you stop working, or quit working as hard as before?

We see a different form of commerce and behavior in the communities that are the most tightly regulated and controlled. The elements of our society that are watched 24/7. They use violence and theft to acquire everyday items that are forbidden in the closely monitored realm of incarcerated inmates . I have personally witnessed a contract for deadly violence consummated by delivering 1 carton of premium cigarettes. A small container of whiskey could buy most anything in these closed societies. And yet, in prison; you are continually watched and told when to eat and when to sleep. Controlled but not subdued. Commerce and trading is a basic need in all societies.

In war zones, a pack of cigarettes or a small can of peaches would get you a pallet of timber or sheet metal. Which in turn , you could build a fortified bunker. The same goes for extra ammo or weapons. Money was in short supply, and the government did not supply everything when it was badly needed . These small treats that brought a semblance of home were priceless and were easily traded for numerous goods and services. Prized and pricey due to supply and demand pressures; not due to regulation or tariffs.

And so, what has changed. Has our government been a good steward or the backbone of a healthy economy?

Has the value rather than the amount of our money increased? Are you spending the same amount of money for items that are now mass produced as compared to the years before we had AI and robotic production lines? Do you get more food or goods for the same price as yesteryear?

Gemini 2022Q2 report "State of Crypto 2021" (Gemini polled 2300 Americans for U.S. results.)
Gemini 2022Q2 report "State of Crypto 2021" (Gemini polled 2300 Americans for U.S. results.)

If you see this new form of value and exchange (crypto) as a solution to the tightly controlled US dollar, or even as a tool to ease the pain of inflation; then will you stand by and gripe as the benefits of this decentralized currency are whittled away with more and more regulation designed to protect the old money system and its keepers?

The coal industry stood silent and watched and a $49 Billion industry shrank to less than $5 Billion. With their silence, the green movement coerced and lied and passed onerous legislation that has put our nation at risk. At risk of famine, food shortages, energy shortages, money devaluation, and on and on. We are currently at the precipice of calamity if one or more industries fail and the domino effect takes down all our industries with an energy supply crisis. All due to regulations.

This will come about as surely as the sun rises everyday unless cooler heads prevail and look at the real value of money and the real consequences of emotion rather than logic in the market place. Do not stand silent. Write, e-mail, tweet, send a carrier pigeon or stand in a protest to have your voice heard. If you stand silent, you will regret the day your family goes hungry when our future could be so bright.

Today, our society is witnessing exponential growth in knowledge. The tools we use to learn about our world are becoming incredible and powerful.

We need to balance this growth in knowledge with an equal growth in Wisdom.

To truly break this cycle of inflation and devaluation, stand up and use the tools presented to change this destructive cycle. Adopt this new form of value, and spend some time to learn how it is different and how it is the same. Use your voice and join with like minded people to take back what is yours.

Regulations and control do not equal Freedom. In freedom we all work harder and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Who can argue that in freedom you actually enjoy your work.

If you fail to capture the benefits of blockchain currency, and stand up for your freedoms, the metaverse will sneak up on you while you sleep. It will be here whether you are asleep, awake, or a woke individual. Web 3.0 intelligence will know the difference and make a difference, and maybe that is how it is different...or is it?


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The time for silence is long past. You’re absolutely right about that. And never has the gubment been a good steward of anything beside lining their own pockets.

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