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A new and expanding industry that will be more than disruptive.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The explosion of EV's (electric vehicles) has now reached an apex. The batteries manufactured contain multiple heavy metals, toxins, and have a 5- 7 year life span. Now, what do you think will happen with those batteries? Can you say environmental disaster? If you thought the exhaust fumes from cars and trucks were bad, just wait as the cost rises in clean up and health hazards. See one article here.

We use coal and hydro and natural gas to produce the electricity to charge our EV's. Now the real cost of "looking" clean is coming home to roost. Soon, we will see how cost and price vary greatly , as we start to pay the price for looking the other way when we let emotions override common sense and logic.

Blockchain technology used correctly can reduce pollution and environmental crimes. There will always be people that put profit ahead of peoples lives, but I do believe that blockchain technology will help by making the manufacturing/logistics trail and the end of life (recycle) industry more profitable and thus reduce environmental crimes.


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