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A Grand Champion will be Crowned

ZED RUN | Tournament Zero launched on October 30th and 576 virtual NFT horses competed for a share of a $300,000 Prize Pool. Racing 3D horses on the blockchain may seem silly to some, but for 48 horses that won their quarterfinal race it made $3600.00 & sense. Another $6000.00 was paid to each of the 12 horses that won their semi-final round. And "finally" 3 horses achieved the title of Tournament Zero Champion in their respective distance - Sprinter, Midrunner, & Marathoner. Along with the prestige of winning Zed's inaugural tourney of champions the 3 finals winning horses each won a generous $12,000.00. Even 3rd place for the final rounds received $3000.00 for showing. All of these prizes should be considered generous from the fact that they were able to participate in the entire event for free. Free?

The Grand Final will run 10/31/2021 Sunday 10pm UTC or 6pmET. 12 horses will accumulate points over 6 races to determine who is the Zed Run Tournament Zero Grand Champion 3D Virtual Racehorse. Visit: to preview the Grand Final races and tune into FNL Crypto DNA on YouTube to watch those races live with commentary.

ALL ZED RUN horses were able to compete to qualify for Tournament Zero absolutely free of charge. Free races were bountifully available to racers for two weeks prior to this weekend's event and each race counted as a qualifier for the tournament. Qualifying horses also had free runs throughout the tourney rounds. $300,000.00 was the generous prize pool and it represents approximately 8% of the over $37M paid out in regular prize money by Zed Run over the past 2 years to the game's top three horses in each race. Blockchain gaming - Racing for Ethereum - 3D Virtual Racehorses - Owning, Racing, Breeding, & Selling NFT horses for money?$? We are in the future for sure now and Zed Run is making it all very hard to resist.


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