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Your trip into Crypto Land

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Have you heard anything about this weird money called crypto currency?

So strange. So intriguing. So frightening . So what about the Dollar? That familiar comforting piece of paper that fits so nicely in a pocket or a purse and it's so nice to have a few wherever you go. That old friend, the dollar.

That comforting piece of paper that you have known all your life is slowing shrinking. Slowly but surely it is shrinking down in value. When I first got out of the Army, I could buy a hamburger and fries with a medium drink for $1.75. Hand them 2 each one dollar bills and get back a quarter.

This week I went into a family owned restaurant that I have visited for over 40 years. The same hamburger and fries with a cup of coffee was $11.80. Before the tip! That's inflation. That is happening faster and faster now. Soon, very soon you will be shocked at the cost of everyday items. And you may not be able to afford all you need.

This is why crypto currency was invented and developed. To not only combat inflation , but to be censor proof. Censor proof you ask????? What do you mean ; censor proof ?

Just as inflation is eating away at the value of every dollar you saved or hold, the ability to spend that money is being threatened by your own government. Now you can call me crazy. Go ahead. This money censorship thing is simply not true. And I must be crazy.

Soon the inflated dollar will be worth less than ever. On it's way to being worth-less. And you will see censorship on where you can go and who you can be with. (imagine that). Next, you will be restricted from going to large gatherings, stores, games, working for the Goverment, or the Military or even in the healthcare industry. Sound familar now? Your money will be no good when your freedoms are gone.

By restricting your opinions and speech, and then restricting your movement, and then restricting what you can purchase; you have been censored. Feel better now? Now that you can see where this is heading. Would you like to talk about a cashless society, one where you rarely use cash, but you use your credit card, a check book, or your phone to pay for stuff. Now do you see where I'm going with this censor stuff. You have already found the easy way to use less cash and just use plastic or your phone. Most of your money is already digital and only exists on a digtal ledger in a bank somewhere. Just a memory chip with a file on it with your name and other info, and how much you are worth in dollars.

Come back for the 2nd part of this weird thing called Crypto Currency as I show you how and why it will be censor proof and mostly inflation proof. I'll leave the light on for you.

These are my opinions , at least for now. Really, come back for the second part of this money thing; and bring some popcorn. It could really be a great show.

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