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When Crypto Goes Bad

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

When I leave something too long in the fridge , it goes bad. You know what I mean. Food has a shelf life, a defined shelf life. It lasts longer if you store it properly, but unless it's C Rations or MRE's ; food will not survive very long. And when it spoils; you will know. You will know by the discoloration, and the smell , and the taste. If you stored this out side, you will know by the flies and gnats. So....... What else is new, and what does this have to do with my precious crypto that I bought and stored?

Your crypto should have a great life span if you bought quality stuff. If the teams that put these coin together have the resources to build a secure and functional platform, and the coin itself serves the needs of other in an innovative and economical way; then you should have a coin with a long shelf life.

You should be able to hold this coin in a cold wallet and not worry about it drying out or shrinking , or starting to rot. This coin has utility and is designed to serve the people, not their own interests.

If you bought a coin that was inflated, and sold to the public on promises; then you may be disappointed as to the shelf life of this coin. If you want to find out how to buy quality coins that should have a great shelf life; then follow us here on

We research the good, the bad, and even the ugly side of Crypto. We watch and learn, we trade and learn, and we listen and learn. We collaborate with great minds and experienced traders. Together, FNLcryptoDNA has assembled an amazing team to help you into the age of Crypto and to show you the ropes in this new and exciting realm of inflation fighting assets.

So, when you're new to this untested and strange world. You have support. Check us out and see that we are what we say we are. You don't and should not travel this path alone.

Join us and share in the feast. But don't wait too long. Things change. We're here to help.

FNL Crypto DNA . Good stuff.


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