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Unstoppable ! Domains and more. NFT Domain Names

Oh what fun! Now, you can give your name with a .X or .Wallet etc and use this as your wallet address for lots of coins , and for your website address. And, you only pay one time for this address. No renewal fees. No minting fees. No gas fees.

In the past, when you buy a domain name, you are really renting that as a service for a stated period. And since you agreed to the terms of service, you'll find that you are restricted as to how you use that domain, what you publish, and you could lose access to that domain if the owers decide you have not followed the terms of service. ( called Censorship)

And now, you can own you own domain and be censor free. No more payments , no more risk of being shut down by someone you don't know.

The new short and 1st name premium addresses just hit the market.

I must admit, I own some unstoppable addresses. Actually, I bought quite a few for Christmas presents last year and some more to speculate on. You can list your purchases on OpenSea and resell them. (Before you sell them, you must mint them on the ETH or Polygon platform)


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