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The Gemini Exchange, and a Credit Card too.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Now, you can have your cake and eat it too. A crypto exchange that offers more than 50 coins/tokens and a credit card that pays you back in your choice of crypto.

And a stable coin. The 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin built by a secure, reliable, and regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Plus, Gemini has Stablecoin staking up to 8% on USDC, UST, & GUSD. What is GUSD:

The Gemini Dollar. Supported across dozens of DeFi protocols, applications, and exchanges.

  • Transact on decentralized exchanges: Use GUSD to trade and stake in DeFi

  • Lend and earn interest: Earn high yields in DeFi and through Gemini Earn

  • Provide liquidity: Use with DeFi automated market makers and other liquidity pools

  • Spend in daily life: Send across borders in seconds and spend at your favorite stores with Gemini Pay

Trading fees are published here. You'll find all the different fees listed and easy to find. Funding your account, trading, and withdrawing are found here.

Take a bit of time and look around at the Support pages listed. You'll find your time is well spent if you decide to open an account with Gemini. As most exchanges, Gemini will require verification (KYC) when you open an account.

Apologies to the people that live outside the U.S. The Gemini credit card is only for U.S. residents.


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