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Texas Blockchain Summit 2021

This event has ended. A day and a half of advertisers, speakers, and attendees. From 3 U.S. Senators to multiple state representatives, a Representative from the SEC,and a county judge who helped to get one of largest Bitcoin mining operations to come to his county and bring over 120 new jobs with it.

The attendees were Developers, programers, gamers, Bitcoiners, officials, mining equiptment suppliers, miners,equiptment salesmen, bankers, DeFi groups, Venture Capitalists and crypto enthusiasts , and more.

Needless to say, the Lightning Network and Bitcoiners were well represented. I took notice when one miner mentioned to someone that they should look at mining Helium. That remark stood out in the crowd.

All in all; it was an event to behold. The energy in the crowd was amazing. The breadth and width of knowledge , entrepreneurship , innovation, and sharing of ideas (even between competitors) was totally amazing.

Next year, the event may be too big to attend. (Even for Texas). Everyone was saying " I'll be back". There was fun and humor and innovation that kept me going all day. Even after a long trip and a super early morning to get a parking space, I was hyped for the next 11 hours of networking, discussions, and just visiting to get to know some really great people.

Where in Texas ( with a crowd of energy minded people) could you wear a shirt sayin Enron?

More that a few side discussions were focused on stranded energy sites and renewable energy. A very persuasive argument was advanced that explaned how Proof of Work mining could have a positive effect on stabilizing the Texas Energy Grid. This is accomplished via the very short notice shut off capability of the mining equiptment that can then be shifted to emergency demand loads due to weather events or equiptment failures in the decentralized generation system.

As new electric generation capability is added, it makes the energy grid more stable and resistant to peaking loads and energy outages. The added capacity is necessary for humans and increased housing and business concerns , but the arbitrage between constant demand and peak can keep the companies that have to buy and maintain the large generators in a better financial state and that means more capital will be willing to come to Texas along with new business.

And, if you follow the numbers and the money, you will see the argument about BTC mining and it's excessive use of energy is a half truth. The facts do not support Musk and Mark Cuban, and Gretta. I always say, follow the money. More to come on this as I have the opportunity to interview some of the largest BTC miners in the world.


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