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Terra(Luna), Anchor(ANC), Mirror(MIR) chart expectations

Terra(LUNA) Anchor Protocol (ANC) & Mirror Protocol (MIR) quick look:

Terra is a blockchain protocol that supports stable programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. It is supported by a basket of fiat-pegged, seigniorage share-style stablecoins which are algorithmically stabilized by the Terra native cryptocurrency, LUNA. According to, Anchor is a savings protocol offering low-volatile yields on Terra stablecoin deposits. The Anchor rate is powered by a diversified stream of staking rewards from major proof-of-stake blockchains. Mirror allows for trading on synthetic markets that track real-world asset prices- potentially erasing barriers of foreign market exchanges for trading of certain stocks and other assets.

What do the charts say?

Terra (LUNA) charts-

Oct 2021-present

EMAs on daily

10EMA-gold, 89EMA-green, 200EMA-white.

The EMAs represent an uptrend that is potentially holding off the 200EMA. The 89(green) is also respected during different retracements. Consistently remaining above these 2 EMAs paints the picture of an uptrend with reasonable retracements. The 200EMA currently around $69 would be the lowest point at which this uptrend would still be following its upward pattern; breaking through that level would put a question mark on this trend as far as the EMAs are concerned. Great entry points could be set off the 200 or the 89 into the future for Luna.

Fib levels/key levels

Key levels of support/resistance are represented as purple boxes- the orange arrows show the areas from which the levels were drawn.

The market using this recent level around $77 as support again in mid April while creating the largest green candle in months is a good sign this level wants to hold into the future. The recent turnaround was also between 50% and 61.8% retracement on Fib tool. An entry point approaching this area would be great if the market returns.


The orange channel depicts a support level between current price and roughly $82 on the market. If the steep uptrend takes off, then we may only return to this support level and it could be used to set an entry point and potentially get on the bus.

The blue shows the lowest level of support around $60.

Both could also give targets to the upside to take profit before the resistance would be anticipated- based on the previous action within the channel and how the market respects parallel lines or the same angle on both sides.

Bollingers/RSI on daily -

Bollingers median orange, 1, 20- upper red, lower green. 2, 20 upper/lower both blue

The 2sigma Bollingers with a 20period dictate a very strict range the Luna market has remained in. This 2sigma range becomes the lowermost point from which I can reasonably expect the market to push back upward. A trend holding below this level would indicate a fast drop and call for a reevaluation of the asset; until then, the bottom 2sigma Bollinger becomes a premium entry at any time in this uptrend.

The 1sigma could be used to set entries and targets within this trend. An entry between the bottom one sigma in green and the bottom of the 2sigma is a great way of identifying an entry point if you do not have a key level present. Currently that range is between $82.13 and $72.66. Using Bollingers to find an entry point creates a dynamic range that reacts to the volatility of the market. When price action speeds up the Bollingers tend to expand more, and using them for entries would call for a lower price during those times; in other words you account for volatility during your entries.

RSI at 48 is relatively balanced- doesn't scream that we are stretched to the top or bottom in this case.

Overview/Points of confluence/entry points/ and targets for scale-out potential

All charts are pointing to an uptrend for Luna. The further away you ask for an entry, the less likely you are to be picked up. Balancing in a few different looks can paint a clear perspective of how risky asking for certain entries can be. You get an expectation of where an order is likely to get picked up, and also how far the market might go when it picks up the order.

Using the 2sigma we can see that an order under $72 is unlikely to be picked up in the near future, or if Luna continues its uptrend. If you are looking to scale into Luna, then a position between $82 and $72 could be a great option based on the 89 and 200EMAs, channels, and Bollinger bands. You might even take an order close to market with how we've just used a level of support and a 0.618retracement to push forward, but I'd recommend leaving room in your entry for the market to pullback a bit. If the blue channel holds, then this market could pull back as far as $60 and still respect its previous level of support.

On the upside- potential targets become the $100 mark where resistance was previously shown, as well as the ATH area just short of $1.20. Currently $101.06 is the upper 1sig Bollinger level that depicts a great place to begin scaling out at any time if you do not have set targets.


Anchor (ANC) (106)- charts

Feb 2022- present

daily EMA/ key level -

10EMA-gold, 89EMA (green), 200EMA not calculable,

key levels of support and resistance in purple

resistance angle marked in blue

Anchor has not shown much momentum since its original upswing through February. The 10 Period Moving Average is a great short-term indicator of trend. One might wait on the market to hold above the 10 to add confidence to an uptrend. We have not experienced enough price action to create a 200dayEMA and the 89 just showed up above the market at $2.56- reinforcing this downward momentum. The market crossing back above the blue angle of resistance or the 89EMA would also be a good sign that the upward momentum may begin to hold.


The 2sigma Bollingers are seemingly holding Anchor together on its downward spiral.

An aggressive trader might look for an entry point near the 2sigma- with the understanding that this downmove has not yet shown signs of upward momentum. The pause around the $2.50 mark was its best attempt- another entry setup like the turnaround in late March would present a potential trade. RSI at 34 shows ANC is stretched to the bottom and could take off at any moment.

Overview/Points of confluence/entry points/ and targets for scale-out potential

Different styles of traders have different options on any market.

1 If you are more conservative and wish to wait for an uptrend before committing to a position, then Anchor probably doesn't appeal to you right now.

2 However, if you are willing to take a risk and bet that Luna is leading the trend ahead of its underlying assets, then an entry point soon could create a great return if this market does indeed succeed into the future.

We may not see a better entry position... on a market that isn't showing a turnaround to the upside so we cannot be certain. Using the bottom 2sigma Bollinger and gradually scaling in might be one approach in waiting on this turnaround confirmation before entering the full position; in that way you potentially scale into an already great position when the upward trend shows.

Background analysis into the company might help you with this decision.

On the upside- the $3 mark near the recent high would be a great place to take a small profit or begin gradually scaling out. The uppermost level of resistance approaching $6 would be a place by which I am mostly out of this trade- meaning I will take profits and scale out heavily before $6 to only hold onto a portion of my trade. By taking profit at key levels, I anticipate being an active trader in this move and scaling back in during the pullbacks/turnarounds in the event new highs are made on the market. I also reduce the risk of HODLing a full position that would've returned great profits, but never ends up going to the moon (although leaving at least a partial position in a trusted asset can be wise).


Mirror (MIR) (376)- charts

Mirror uniquely entered the market above $10 value then dropped throughout its opening month of May2021.

Daily chart- EMAs/key levels July 2021-present

10EMA-gold, 89EMA (green), 200EMA(white)

EMAs depict a downtrend that is heavily respecting the 89EMA, and using the 200EMA as a hard barrier on the upside. The market using these 2 EMAs as resistance is a perfect indication of a downtrend. The market crossing back above the 89 and 200EMA or staying above the 10MA would give confirmation that the upward momentum wants to hold.

Support level in purple just above $1 is the strongest yet. The upper box at $2marks potential resistance and a place to scale out of a trade for partial profits if you decide to enter this market.


The most-obvious channel captures the downmove from late AUG 2021. If MIR can break up through the blue line and out of this down channel, then an upward swing is very likely. Seeing the market retest this channel as support after breaking through is very common and presents a great entry point.

Waiting on the turnaround instead of predicting bottoms can be a safer way of getting into markets. Spreading out your orders to accommodate multiple key levels for an entry point is another great strategy to balance in.


The Bollingers show us riding the 2sigma on the way down. RSI being around 36 tells me this market is stretched to the downside. Often 30 on the RSI presents a great entry point, but I have to take note that this market pushed well beyond that to start off the 2022 year- showing a very stretched market to the downside.

Overview/Points of confluence/entry points/ and targets for scale-out potential

Similar to Anchor, Mirror is not showing signs of an uptrend. So again the conservative trader might take a step back while the aggressive trader looks for entry points that could yield a high return from points of confluence.

The most-obvious entry point would be using the 2sig Bollinger to scale in on the bottom side until hitting the bulk of entry orders at the level of support just above $1.

Targets on the upside begin around the $2 mark at the most recent resistance level. The uppermost level at $4.50 depicts an area I would heavily scale out of before trying to cross, based on the likelihood of turning back again.



Terra's (LUNA) uptrend could be an early sign of a breakout and upswing for Anchor Protocol or Mirror Protocol in the near future. Terra (LUNA) is showing the perfect pullback and has already confirmed a turnaround in its uptrend, while MIR & ANC are both in prime position to enter the market for interested traders.

LUNA gets the full send on finding a good entry point since it is has shown an uptrend overall.

ANC and MIR are a more-risky investment at this point, but the position at which you would enter now might be the best we ever see. Entering a smaller portion and then waiting on the confirmation that the asset wants to go up to scale into the rest of your desired position could be a wise play in this area.

At the end of the day we all make our own trading decisions.

Thank you for your time!

FNL Travis

FNL Presenter and Trader

chart analysis 4/24/2022. article published 4/25/2022.


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