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Stoner Cats? YGG?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

THIS is not a stoner cat in case you boomers are wondering. Well, it may be if the cat has learned to roll his own.

I'm late to the party with this post.....When a boomer is looking to drop some coin, they normally would ask about value, and substance, or utility. I do like the excitement behind emotional buying; but at this point in my career I don't spend a lot of time gambling or gaming. Actually, I don't spend any time gaming.
My digital foot print is limited to gathering information and sharing some of my photography work.

My social media group that I share with is small. By design. I don't tolerate drama as well as in my past life. I'm thinking, this push toward the NFT's may not be sustainable.

I am not of the persuasion of Warren Buffet (rat poison squared) nor of the fake Indian Elisabith Warren (crypto is drugs, drugs is bad) in that I do participate in Crypto Assets and I look for utility, substance, earning potential, and social improvement. I believe in the American Flag, Mom, apple pie; and inflation. I look for value.

When Axie Infinity came to light, the projects token ran up 10X. The gaming community was excited. The numbers are awesome, but what did you buy? The 30 or so people that scooped up the 12 mill in tokens found out it was a great investment.

Speculative of course. ( I admit to some of this behaviour while in Vegas). YGG was only on Sushiswap and I have heard there was a bit of congestion as everyone in the crowd moved toward a cliff. Gas cost more than the token.

Were the fake coins getting there before the real coins? Who had the real stuff? Who was scamming? WTH is going on with these gas prices? You would think Flash bots were back and mining fees were pushing $300 a pop to mint your cats.

We shall see. We shall see. Just because I hold on to my money when I don't understand the underlying principles does not make me wrong nor does that make you wrong to speculate.

I assume if you are reading this, that you understand and have a large appetite for risk. I hope you don't get a belly full of exposure to the risk and get an upset stomach. Really, I wish you luck and coins galore. Please understand when I say, I want to watch.

This is not my circus and not my monkeys. I am more that happy to watch. Are we not entertained?


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