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Security for your Mining Operation

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

All business models include risk and reward calculations in order to best forecast earnings. To further mitigate the risk, use best practices for your mining operation electrical system. With a robust transient protection system you might ask your insurance agent for a discount.

I recently talked with a friend ( and insurance broker) about my consulting business and the risk I assumed when I recommend a certain procedure or maybe a piece of equipment. He re-enforced the issues I have faced thru the years. There is a balance point between risk and rewards.

In the decades I have spent installing , and maintaining electrical systems and equipment, my goal has always been to install a product that that is up to the job requirement and also requires the least amount of maintenance. My experience shows how costly maintenance and repairs can be.

Not only in the actual repair cost, but in ancillary processes, i.e. loss of revenue due to downtime, loss of wages during a shutdown, and loss of customer satisfaction due to supply chain shortages, from power outages.

My advice to any business owner or entity that is responsible for any of the above processes; insurance is necessary, but best practices in design , installation, and safety will offer a greater reward. And if an inspection after the damage reveals inadequate or incorrect wiring techniques or equipment that is not listed for the process involved, you may have a claim denied, and be liable to carry the entire loss yourself.

The network wiring best practices are describe by EIA TIA 568 pubs. This will keep your data moving and make updates and maintenance easier . Now, lets talk about the power system.

In prior years, the electrical systems required to run a factory or even a large office complex were straight forward and the demands on the system were well documented. As data became a commodity and data centers grew exponentially ; the demands for more power and better power quality grew exponentially .

Uptime became critical, and harmonic phase distortion ( do to new and improved solid state power inverters) started to cause glitches that could not be duplicated and thereby corrected. Standby power generators could hiccup and lost data would cause teams of operators and programmers to work 24 hour shifts to produce a run of invoices or a financial report. Or just bring the data back to the point when the power shut down.

Of course, there are always known forces of nature that are present and waiting in the sidelines to do a home run around your entire process. That force is called lightning or transient surge voltages caused by nearby industrial loads or the utility company themselves as they switched networks and put high voltage transients into play on the power lines.

After you have checked and are assured that your Bitcoin Mining building has the proper electrical supply, check and double check if lightning and surge protection has been installed and is properly grounded. Ask you builder/contractor to check into the NFPA 70 (national electric code) to find out the minimum protection required.

The IEEE Green book (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) will help you take the standard surge protection up a few more notches. And if you are in an area that has a high rate of recorded lightning strikes, you really should invest in a lightning rod system.

Most of all, none of these devices will operate as designed if you have a defective grounding system. The grounding system ( called earthing in the UK) allows over voltage events to go into the earth and not hang around a long time and dwell inside your network/electrical wiring.

These grounding systems that tie into the cement slab re-enforcement steel offer the best platform to build a good ground system . Along with copper coated steel rods driven and connected per the National Electric Code (NFPA70), you can quickly drop high voltages to ground.

Look for the real deal. Don't be fooled by counterfeiters.

The electrical industry has fallen prey to counterfeit products just as most industries. Check and double check with your supplier/manufacturer that the products you use are listed by a national testing laboratory. ( such as UL underwriters laboratories ). This alone will save you from many failures and downtime.


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