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Real World Assets and Crypto

If you have pinned your crypto voyage to digital only assets, you may not reach your goals. As crypto in general matures, DeFi assets and inter platform lending may dry up or becomes smaller.
I believe we need to reach out into the real world where most people live and show how crypto will enhance their everyday life. ( isn't this why you are here? to improve your life via improved earnings)

My journey into crypto has re-enforced this belief of real world application being necessary to facilitate universal adoption. Trustless apps and everyday utility will change the world in a good way.

My very 1st interviews when I wanted to write about crypto was to interview bankers,

prosecuting attorneys ( fraud and phishing crimes), and law enforcement. I was concerned about the security of my investments and "what if" issues from my learning curve.

And then, I pivoted to the oil and gas industry. ( I grew up in the oil patch of Texas)

The internet of things is something I have experience in as I was an early adopter of "Smart House" technology and the TIA 568 protocol for communication standards.(CAT5)

PLC's have been used for years to automate assembly lines and chemical processes. I had been exposed to all of the above as an electrical contractor wiring and maintaining different industry processes and at the same time growing and learning about power quality and automation.

Many times I was tasked with solving wiring and communication problems and then I had to develop a solution to bring IT and OT into the same tent. One of my 1st interviews for writing my blog was with Datagumbo . They have brought blockchain to the Oil and Gas Industry in an amazing way.

I was very impressed with the security offered by their private blockchain. Supply chain logistics, security, operational control, invoicing and payment of remote and far-flung processes. You can see more here.

My next project I looked at was HBar. Hedera. The security , the myriad applications , the speed of settlement, and much much more was inspiring . So, these 2 alone convinced me that I should look at the real world applications of blockchain and public ledger technology an see how they could improve the world we live in. Not just fiat vs crypto and tradition banking vs the unbanked masses. I wrote more about that here. In Drones and HBar.

My journey is just beginning . The more I learn, the more applications I see for people of all countries and all economic classes.

Please don't think I would dismiss the new classes of NFT's, or $hit coins, or other tokens that seem to be only for entertainment . They all have function and they all have value. I only have time and interest for a few things, and you must admit ; this new world of crypto and Web3 and Metaverse is way too large for any one person to grasp all of it. With that being said, please allow me to focus on the things that make sense to me thru my training and life experience. I learn better when I bring all 5 senses into focus. Touch, smell, hearing, seeing, and even taste. If my stories seem narrow focused, my apologies . But hope to do justice to the stories I share with you .

My next few articles will be a series on my experiences with power outages, energy production and renewables; and even how to make money with solar apps. This will be a fun ride, so get your tickets by following me; here at FNL and also on Twitter @electric220.


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