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For Silver, I give you Gold

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Lets Talk Money. Past-Present-Future
If you have wondered how we got from trading sea shells and then transparent rocks to glass trinkets and the coin of the realm, yellow soft metal; then here is a short essay that will help explain money. Past and Future

Digital Money

You know , the kind that many people swear is the end of the world. The mark of the beast and the Devil incarnate. The tool that will mark the end of the world because it means a cashless society .

Thou doest Protest too much. For if you really believe that digital money is the harbinger of doom, then why have you used it for the past 20 years? You know, the credit cards, or the check that you scan through a machine and it gives you back a cancelled check. Digital money that exists online and not in a cash register.

80% of all American dollars exist on a digital ledger, not as printed money. There is barely room in all the banks if all the money were printed and not digital and existing on a digital ledger at the Federal Reserve Bank of America.

And when did this piece of paper we call a dollar become the coin of the realm? It has not always been a de facto standard of trade through out the world. What gives it such importance and how does it exist beside the other paper money we call a personal check ( no cash here, just written on a digital checking account). How does printed money fare against a piece of plastic we call a debit/credit card?

Our fore fathers ( George Washington) used some of the 1st printed money in North America. At Valley Forge, the American Military forces literally starved and froze because there was nothing to buy. ( not with paper money )

Nearby the British Army was eating steak and corn and potatoes, and had coal for their stoves and blankets to stay warm. All because the British paid with silver and gold. The local merchants knew the American fiat dollar was inflated and not trustworthy. Nearly worthless. And lacked real backing. ( sound familiar ?)

Even the British knew to "Buy American". They just had better money for that period of time.

In a moment, I am going to ask you to think big. Think bigger than your neighborhood and your city. Think of the past and the future, and how you will fit in with all this "new stuff".

If you lose your credit card and leave your billfold at home, could you still "buy" a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Maybe trade?

Of course you can! Take the gold ring off your finger ( the one with the big diamond ) and offer it as a trade for a cup of coffee. I'm sure you will succeed in this exchange. But is it a good trade? Was there an imbalance in value? (look up the word arbitrage)

Or just offer the barista some trinket , such as your new iPhone for that cinnamon roll you just really need with your coffee.

You have now completed 2 , count them , 2 suxcesspool trades.

Time to celebrate this new form of payment and trading!!!! And no cash involved! Truly Cashless.

If you had to store up printed $10 bills to buy a house; how much room would it take in your spare bedroom. How would you transport it , and would you sit and count it out for the home seller? Even $100 bills would be a stretch. Why not just write a check or have your bank transfer the money. Why not use a common form of digital money transfer? Write a check (no cash here) or do a bank loan. (no cash here either)

Less Cash involved here. You know, cash less.

Did you save your quarters and dimes to buy that new car? Did you load them in a truck and count them out at the auto dealership. That is a true cash transfer. But, you probably signed a loan agreement that was faxed to your bank and digital money was paid to the dealership via a secure e-mail protocol. None of you saw any cash during this entire trade.

You took the easy way out to do this trade. You are part of this cash less society thing. But afterward, you may have driven to the corner grocery in that new car and paid cash for your gas and beer.

See, this trading thing we discuss is much older than the printed money or stamped coin you grew up with. A store of value, and unit of measure (called money) can take on many forms. It has changed and evolved thru the centuries, but only in reference to the items we assign value to and how we move them from business to customer , and peer to peer.

In this short work, (HERE) I would expose you to a few hundred years of this troublesome device. This thing we crave and work for and also lose sleep over. This thing that has driven murder and wars, and has also brought laughter and smiles to countless people. This money thing that you must not fall in love with. The love that is the root of despair and more. That thing you should keep as a tool and do not covet.

This short read by another author is about money. Because there is much more to learn, if you consider that before we had this thing called money; we had credit. Using credit, we called it trade. Credit came 1st. Money came later as a result of trading and credit. Read here a " Brief History of Money" by Ralph Benco.

In short, my belief is that this "Crypto currency", this new form of digital money will exist just fine beside the dollar bill. It won't take the place of the dollar, but it will offer so many people in undeveloped nations a way to access financial Instruments we take for granted. We need to look past the borders of our 50 States. I want you to think big here. How so? you ask.

If you have no driver license, much less a birth certificate or social security # how would you go about applying for a credit card. How would you apply for a car loan or a house loan?

I just described the plight of 90% of the people walking the earth today. We call them the unbanked. They cannot access the luxury of a banking account because there are no banks or they have no ID to prove who they are. They are not stupid nor evil. They lack the financial opportunity we take for granted. The reasons are myriad, but usually include politics and war. Both of which took away their financial future and the opportunity to accumulate wealth due to government corruption and hyper inflated currencies. (see Africa and Crypto)

They have no credit report. But, many of them now have a cell phone. A way to connect to the rest of the world. A way to connect to new forms of banking services via the blockchain technology and crypto currency . A way to change their life. A way to trade on an even playing field. A non-biased playing field called blockchain technology.

Nigeria is the 2nd most active crypto player in the world, but the majority of the African Continent populace earn less than $1400 per year. Can you see now how crypto can change lives by allowing everyone a level playing field to participate in commerce without prejudice.

This new Crypto Currency is a financial disruptor. It will change the financial world as you know it today . It is form of value and a standard of trade and the ability to store value. Value that can be sent around the world in seconds just like the 1st money transfer in 1872. The first widely used service for wire transfers was launched by Western Union in 1872 on its existing telegraph network.

But the cost of this new type of money transfer is mere pennies, not a huge percentage like today if you want to support a mission or hospital in Central Africa, and the only way in the past is a Western Union style money transfer.

You can send $100 of Bitcoin for a few pennies and it gets to the other person in minutes. They don't have to wait weeks, nor pay huge fees to get the wire transfer, and they don't have to travel to a bank to convert it to a local currency. This negates the danger of traveling with money when people see you go to a bank. A real danger in many parts of the world.

You can agree or disagree, but I trust that money, (and credit) will not go away. It will change, it will look different, and it will become truly democratic and uncensorable. But, as long as we walk the earth; there will always be trinkets and coins that you trade for a loaf of bread. Or a promise to "gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today".


Just 8 crypto coins (out of currently 17,500) perform the work and function listed below. Bitcoin is just one coin/device and it also has a specific use listed below. Bitcoin and all the uses below were developed and supported in the real world by a technology called blockchain. Blockchain technology that drives real world utility and function.

Contract Settlement

Transportation & Logistics

Process Automation

Supply Chain Logistics

Remote Monitoring

Mobil Asset Tracking

Ultra Secure Camera data capture

Secure Data/Video transfer

Medical Monitoring

Data Analysis

Finance/ Banking security

Art Security. (NFT's)

Peer - Peer transactions

Crop Insurance

Tax Reporting platforms

International Banking Industry settlements

Data Security

Data integration

Data Integrity

Oil and Gas metering

Mineral Rights contracts

Climate monitoring

Decentralized Global Computer Data Storage

Cloud Storage and Accounting

Nationwide Energy Distribution and Purchasing

Energy usage and generation Forecasting

pan-industry platform for tracking the provenance of luxury goods

un-censorable Social Media Platforms

Digital Asset custodian services

Military , enterprise , government Air Traffic Control systems

Distributed Ledger consensus, storage, and smart data applications

Global pharmaceutical Supply Chain tracking from raw goods to the patient

Non-profit 24/7 health care networks

Immutable digital and physical art and collectibles curator

World wide credit card processing

State wide records verification (county clerk records)

Immutable Property boundary descriptions

Anti Money Laundering compliance integration

Data provenance verification

Australia’s Agriculture supply chain system

Medical/personal info firewall software hosting

Home health care apps

Finance Security technology applications

Anti-counterfeit ticket sales

permissioned/authorized scalping-ticket sales

Anti-counterfeit luxury clothing supply chain data

The list grows each day, but tomorrow is not here yet. So remember "Free Beer Tomorrow" and visit our blog site for tons of good info ( and opinion ) about stuff.


FNL content including, but not limited to, articles, podcasts, videos, live streams, and websites are intended for informational purposes and should NOT be considered financial, investment, tax, legal, nor trading advice. Cryptocurrency, futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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