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KAVA , A trusted friend in 2021

As i write this short piece about a coin I own, I reflect on the entry price in Jan 2021. $1.36

Now, at $6.37

Here we are in October, in a Bull market awaiting even higher prices than todays $ 6.37.
We had an ATH of $8.31 during my investment period from Feb on till today. So, 468 % at the moment. But it did see 611%.

I should have added to the title of this post, that Kraken is awesome for Staking your KAVA. Kraken pays rewards to users that keep or Stake their Kava on the Kraken Staking platform with NO Lock-ups & NO Limits. This means you can Unstake any or all of your KAVA at anytime. It only take a few minutes to Stake or Unstake. Did I mention the rewards for Staking KAVA on the Kraken Exchange is 20%. Yep 20%. That adds up quick.

It is near impossible to find a safe place to make 20% APY on your currency. Kraken is helping KAVA catapult the trusted DeFi protocol towards becoming the hottest "interest" amongst crypto hodlers. The time for you to look into KAVA is now. (Please, read the risk disclaimer below)

With a vibrant community of users, KAVA is active on Discord, Twitter, Telegram,Youtube, Medium, and Github. Self proclaimed as DeFi's safest place to grow your crypto. The Kava platform supports TrustwalletApp and Ledger.


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