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Jasmy wants You to have the Control

“We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.” -Jasmy whitepaper

ʝ → Jasmy Official Website

ʝ → Jasmy Official WHITEPAPER

CURRENTLY, We give all of our information and TRUST to centralized agencies. We sign the warrant to search and seize our personal information with every App that we authorize on our electronic devices. We allow cookies and trackers that tell google exactly what we are doing and at all times. The smarter our smart device is then the more invasive permissions we unknowingly allow. We permit the web to know us better than we know ourselves.

A team of former Sony executives at JASMY have been aiming to solve this abusive power that we the consumer have relinquished to big corporate. Centralized agencies collect, analyze, and capitalize on your data. Jasmy's vision and mission is completely different Jasmy blockchain is decentralized and designed to give complete control to users regarding when and how personal data is being used. A “personal data locker” maintained through Jasmy’s distributed storage helps protect users' precious information and how it gets shared on the web. The network uses an Interplanetary Filing System (IPFS) which combines a Security Knowledge Communicator (SKC) with Smart Guardian (SG) technology. These are fancy descriptions of how the unique smart contracts compartmentalize and secure user data. The SKC features identity verification and registration that enable users to both authorize and trace transactions using their data. Companies, organizations and other users must have data owners’ permission before accessing or using data. The SG allows users to share data with Internet Of Things (IoT) devices while maintaining complete control over what data is being shared and with who.

JASMY moves to the top half of a Regression Channel

The recent price increase to $0.32 gave Jasmy HODLers hope while providing an exit for traders looking to take advantage of larger volume coins. we may be looking for JASMY to break out of the regression channel and close above $.08 It will see resistance getting through $.084 but if it makes it then it will get to $.09 at the most before another collapse back to $.075. It appears to be a good buy signal with relevant limit orders as low as $.06 for optimal position before it launches.

Only the Beginning (supply via 1/15/22)

Jasmy is attracting other big tech names such as Panasonic, VAIO, and Transcosmos to join in the blockchain revolution. Jasmy has been created by a former CEO at Sony Corp. and several former Sony executives, including Kunitake Ando, Kazumasa Sato, Masanobu

Yoshida, Tadashi Morita and Chief Finance Officer Hiroshi Harada.

JasmyCoin ($JASMY) is the native cryptocurrency created by Jasmy Incorporated. JASMY is distributed when users provide their information to the Jasmy IoT platform. Currently, JASMY is being used in the Sakura NFT Marketplace, one of many emerging NFT ecosystems and Japan's leader in the industry. Jasmy is on it's way to becoming globally accepted and has made it's way onto the 100 or so coins that have been vetted by and available for buy, sell, and trade by U.S. residents.

Jasmy International is a community across all platforms, built by the people, for the people that claims:

"We strive to promote the success and benefit that Jasmy’s advancements in blockchain data democratization bring to our fellow users. Our community is fueled on the belief that Jasmy will revolutionize the data industry by creating an environment where users of any IoT device are more than pieces of sellable data, but their own unique person, with rights to have complete control over their data."

What would you do with the control of your own identity and data?


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