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Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and Cathy Wood Talk Crypto

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Wow, 3 heavy hitters in the finance, technology , and crypto world. All together in a Zoom meeting and talking money. What could be better than this trio?

I happened upon this broadcast and spent the time than I assumed would be invaluable to my learning journey. Right off the bat; I was learning new word associations such as" Driven by the people" and "Central currency of the Internet" and finally, ESG. (environmental/social/Government)?

I was about to be exposed to something I had not seen in years. Stuttering and the use of "uh" and the use of "and", and on and on. For being such powerful figures, their online presence looked like an 8th grader giving his first talk at the front of the class; and his assigned topic was either bio-synthetic heterogeneous multi-chain framework , or sex education.

The nervous tension was enough to make my screen flicker and flutter. Finally after a few rounds of questions from the moderator, the show ended. And none too soon; as I was late to an appointment to have my fingernails removed.

Tired old cliches and speculations. What in the world are these guys doing? If I didn't know better, it would seem to be a hastily put together press release for BTC. You know, the kind people refer to as a pump and dump.

Rather unremarkable in its content, but very predictable and not very entertaining. I would not want to invest in anything these 3 had if they venture into the entertainment sector. Not that they would ever consider my opinion more than bump in the road.

Be Safe out there guys and gals.


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