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FUD and what's it to Me

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Somethings do not change, and yet they are ever changing. Let's look at FUD in some areas you may have missed. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Usually FUD is evoked in markets to help drive the price up or down. It feeds on emotion. It touches area of known fear such as fear of hunger or poverty.
FUD is being used over and over again to take your money. You really should uncover why you think you may lose money or not gain money as fast as you want. Your trading will improve immensely.

Things that seldom ever change, but are everchanging include the moon, the sky , the wind and clouds and the rain. We take this as a given until there is something out of the ordinary such as a fierce wind and dark clouds. If you grew up in the Mid-West of America; this will bring memories of fear and anxiety. Fear of losing everything to a bad storm and personal injury or death.

As a salesman, I could go into the mid-west and sell storm shelters all day by playing on this fear and uncertainty and doubt. Many people make a good living by doing this same action in other areas of life. They watch to see what you love and study to see your fear of losing this thing or this action. They write an emotional plea and use actors and props to give you visual stimuli . They want your money. Some want your money and they desire control also.

Let's discuss more of where this FUD originates.

The people that wrote the white paper on how our present government should conduct themselves and how they should act and the governance behind this; they understood these ever-present emotions and tried their best to write a plan that would counter the reactions to FUD and at the same time negate the consequences of knee jerk reactions to these spikes in fear and unrest, and drought or heavy weather events; even wars. Today as in years past, we call this white paper "The Constitution of the United States."

These men along with the guidance of their wives (never doubt that) wrote as if they could see into the future. They could see the struggle to control the natural condition of man as he was given a bit of power and how it could overtake him or a nation. Power hungry for control.

These men wrote that the goverment was instituted to serve man and not the other way around. So, watch the people in Government that would sway you with fear and doubt and would cause your actions to be suspect. You become suspicious of your own actions. And, think how you would be suspicious of others if you don't trust yourself.

You would start to see who would hide Anne Franks and who would turn her in.

I say this as I see our fiat currency contolled more and more. Don't doubt the Fed or the SEC or all the bureaucrats and bankers would have your crypto disenfranchised and destroyed. The motive would be to replace it completely with a CBDC which in turn would give them even more control of your investments and spending. The financial and banking industry is counting on the government to save them from crypto.

Never, never forget these words of fear: " "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

China did not suspend Bitcoin mining so that they could be in compliance with the Paris accords and save energy and decrease carbon emissions. They had to take control. They had to show the capitalists in their own country who was boss and at the same time, they launched their own national coin. They love digital currency.

Watch how it grows and controls. Mark my words, when you are told what you can and cannot buy with a digital coin.

You may suspect now, that I am suspicious of an all powerful central goverment. You are correct. I have assisted in past wars to protect our nation from others that would gain complete control over commerce, travel, employment etc. ....Remember this control thing.

I belive in the creative power of capitalism and liberty to create a better world. To conquer fear and hunger and even to smooth out disagreements between countries. That is the power of trade and commerce.

It will always be at odds with a goverment that doubts the power of free will. We must always be on guard of this addictive heroin most would call "power hungry."

If you see now where this FUD is taking you; good. DYOR. Think on why would someone give you information that you are prettry sure is inaccurate.

Call your Congressman/woman or Senator. Tell them to back off and don't try to turn this new technology into something akin to what they have now. Something only they control with no limits to how many coins they mint and control the prices to harvest their treasure before your very eyes. Don't destroy the innovation and the inflation fighting frictionless financial tools we enjoy. (say that 3 times real fast)

They would get rich on cronyism and price control and inflation, while you struggle and sweat. It almost seems as if they take joy in keeping you fearful and compliant.

Beware of government agencies would have you skew your business plan and expend your resources in areas that have no value except to assuage some fearful persons emotions. To help allay the fear caused not by facts or history, but by some dope smoking acid droppin professor that has never had to struggle to put food on the table or buy clothes for his children. The "expert" that would testify in congressional hearings as to how we need to control this or that.

It's not too late. Many reading this have spent 20,30, or more years working and now want to slack off a bit. Maybe travel or just chill and golf every day. Do it.

Don't be afraid. But do watch where and how you spend your time and resources. Do a little every day to fight the FUD and those who deliver it to your doorstep.

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