Crypto? Why? Why would I want to mess with that stuff?

And what is this blockchain stuff people keep talking about? It sounds too complicated and might be a scam.

Why would you want to spend your valuable time messing around with something that is suspect and just probably another way to grab your money?

This blockchain stuff you hear about is a tried and true technology to capture and disseminate data and information. As a public ledger system, it is available to anyone with a computer connection to the Web. Crypto is just one of the things that this "Blockchain Stuff" is used for. To mention just a few, blockchain is a safe a secure way to move supplies and data with very little cost and very high security. (Kinda like your online Banking Account)

The last thing you want is your private information being broadcast to the world, but it happens way too often due to hacking and phishing attacks. The blockchain can control the information you want to share, but only to the ones you choose, and unlike the Goverment or your doctor, or your social media; you have control over what is shared, and when it's shared. This is not new, as the blockchain Technology has been around for 20 years, but it came into public use in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced to the world..

If you are like me, and you grew up in the 50's and 60's ( prior to the computer revolution ) this is foreign to you and confusing. You are constantly being fed advertising to get you to spend money or give money. And money is not as easy to get now as it used to be. And,'s not worth near as much as it was even last year.

So, in my opinon; this Crypto Stuff and the blockchain may be the answer you are looking for. The answer to inflation, the answer to your portfolio shrinking, and the answer to you privacy concerns.
The solution to myriad issues and some that we have not heard of yet. But, you probably have no clue where to start and all the advertisements are suspect. This crypto stuff is so big it's confusing.
Who Do You Trust?

At FNL Crypto dna, you will find some friendly faces that are familar to you (your age group). We have the time to discover the in's and out's of crypto and crypto investing. As a non-professional group of retired business professionals, doctors, and business owners; we have the experience to find out what is important to you and we have tried and true measures to help you navigate and learn about this new world of money and investing.

No holds barred, we will be transparent and honest in our experiences and our opinions . We have learned from the best teachers we can find and we have made mistakes. ( we learn the most from our mistakes) . We can offer you a spot in our group to come and learn and enjoy the online group sessions and if you need, we offer personal one on one sessions. I'm not going to tell you we will spoon feed you everything you need to know about crypt, but you won't have to travel this strange road alone.

Come and visit us and stay awhile as you check out our group. This is a free offer. We won't ask for a credit card or money, or Bitcoin as you join us for the trial period. If you like what you see and hear, then come and join us. No one in the industry offers the One on One sessions like FNL.

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Since you got this far, let me show you some of the utility of 8 of the top 30 Tokens. And now you can see that this Crypto stuff really does do "STUFF". All of this is accomplished via BlockChain Technology

Contract Settlement

Transportation & Logistics

Process Automation

Supply Chain Logistics

Remote Monitoring

Mobil Asset Tracking

Ultra Secure Cameras

Medical Monitoring

analyze data


Art Security. NFT

P - P transactions


Tax Reporting platforms

Banking for Industry and Sovereign Nations

Data Security

Data integration

Data Integrity

Oil and Gas metering Fluid transferr

Drilling off shore and on shore