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Is Chainlink undervalued?

Chainlink is linking the crypto world. What is Chainlink and why do so many traders refer to it as the most undervalued crypto asset?

"Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides smart contracts a tamper-proof and highly-available connection to all of the world's highest quality data feeds. With Chainlink, a smart contract can access data pertaining to financial markets, crypto prices, weather, sports results, IOT sensor readings, and any other real-world validated data needed to enable more robust and useful blockchain-based applications ( ("

Translations are sometimes easier with a visual-

Why Chainlink?

Chainlink is an accessible network (by smart contracts) that is connecting the languages of many different blockchains and applications in a manner in which they can all communicate seamlessly and access the same validated data to complete transactions.

Blockchains are built and secured by a decentralized network of independent validators who "purposely limit their connection to the outside world"( Chainlink is quickly becoming the standard in that it allows for oracles from different blockchains to access a network of highly accurate and validated information to secure any transaction.

Put simply- Chainlink allows for different blockchains with different coding languages to communicate and work with each other to validate transactions using a trusted network of information.

Chainlink is becoming a key player in many blockchain apps and has many uses that I myself am still learning more about. Visit their website at to explore all of what Chainlink has to offer.

Chainlink sounds wonderful let's look at charts.

Daily Chart (blank)-

what is obvious? what might you look for for entry or exit targets? How might you make these decisions consistently to avoid late entries with FOMO or other common trader mistakes?

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