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Back to the Future

And the "Demolition Man

This 1993 movie takes place in the not so distant future. ; It's 2032, and Los Angeles is now a pacifist utopia called San Angeles. The thought police are active and powerful. The metaverse has taken hold and virtual meetups have evolved to even virtual hookups. The government has control over most of your life. But it is a "benevolent" government and they alway have your best interest at heart.

Misspeak and go to jail. It is so important to use the correct discription of people and ideas that to mis-gender or mislabel certain events, you must be punished. If you want to choose your own diet or career you literally have to go underground. And the plot shows a small but rebellious underground society that is in danger of starvation and even death sentences because they dare to be different. I know this is an action comedy, but I cannot dismiss the pointed barbs as comedy. I do believe the writer was protesting the path of our society and government control over all your actions and thoughts. A benevolent government that sticks its nose into every crack and crevice of your life via ubiquitous monitoring of your phone, your car, your purchases, and even your thoughts.

This behavior is an anathema to the current collective group think of many in society and our so called "Leaders". So, does our current path in Government control of your thinking lend itself to censorship and the destruction of creative and independent thought? Does the government have the right or ability to focus primarily on thought crimes?

Back to the story ; where the villain in this story is a super villain and the current society is a result of using mind control to shape society. I think of this example as the differing Crypto platforms that approached the SEC looking for guidance, only to be slapped down and now brought up on charges as the SEC expands their definition of regulatory crimes.

Even though no new regulations have been issued in over 5 years.

The whole purpose of Crypto is to free the people from the bonds of a free spending over controlling government and a Banking system that has little room for innovation. The reality today is; a smart contract will be taken to task and sued even though no person is at the helm. An idea is struck down and the full weight of government regulations is brought to bear.

The SEC announces that all decisions made are based on the premise of the expectation of profit from an action or process, and that alone will bring it under the preview of the Fed and the SEC and the CTFC and any other alphabet group that enters the internecine turf war of these government groups.

These new ideas and this form of commerce would allow millions upon millions of people to enter the ranks financial personal freedom and to obtain banking services that were previously restricted to "qualified investors" only. The pushback has so many people clamoring for wide spread adoption via new regulations. They proclaim that wide spread adoption can only happen with clear and abundant regulation.

I will not claim I have the remedy to over zealous Government Regulation but, I have seen the result when the free market is replaced with regulation and more regulation. The result is a stymied market and cronyism that robs the people via uncontrolled spending and theft.

Does this analogy destroy the fun you had when you watched "The Demolition Man"? After you see it a second time have you changed your mind on calling for more regulation in order to achieve wide spread adoption of crypto?

Are you sure that the path to wide spread adoption is the path the Fed or the SEC would have you follow? In their benevolence, the government becomes more dangerous than the villains. So how much privacy and freedom must you sacrifice in order to participate in this crypto revolution?

And this brings another issue to mind. How in the world did you decide my privacy is trumped by your need to know how I spend my money? The Tornado fiasco would make every person that wants privacy a criminal. In itself, my intent is prejudged and I am guilty prior to any indictment or warrant.

I don't discount the role drug cartels and human trafficking plays in the need for people to want more regulation and strict laws, but when did I lay down my rights and when did I give others authority over my thoughts or even how and when I could protest.

Now can you see how I don't think this movie is funny anymore. Now that fantasy has overtaken reality.

Now that we have gone down the "rabbit hole" and found .......


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