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Wheel of Crypto

FNL members compete for real cryptocurrency in this live interactive game of crypto knowledge!

Participants are randomly selected by a free lottery drawing. To enter the drawing FNL members must complete a member survey and opt into the weekly drawings pool.  All paid memberships of both Futures Networks Live and FNL Crypto DNA are eligible to participate in both the member survey and FNL Wheel of Crypto player lottery drawings. 

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This week on Wheel of Crypto 


  • Altcoin 

  • Bitcoin 

  • Stablecoin

  • DeFi

  • Ethereum 

  • Exchange

  • Real or Fake

Wheel of Crypto

THURSDAY, August 19th 4:15pmET
FNL Crypto Link

(Live Game Room is for FNL Members & Visitor Access Pass Holders Only)

For information on how to participate:

Contact FNL Member Support and Request Your Free Visitor Access Pass to FNL. 


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