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Got some NFTs? Want to Keep Them ?

If you have invested in NFTs, you know all to well how much a quality NFT will bring on OpenSeas. If you got in early or got an airdrop, you stand to stack a lot of sats.

Because of the popularity and the cost, the scammers are very intrested in relieving you of your hard earned crypto. They are hard at work producing some of the most authentic looking requests and advertising. These guys are as good at marketing and as hard working as anyone you have ever met. They are truly relentless in their aim to steal from you.

So, what will you do to prevent these scams and phishing attemps from stealing your NFTs? One great solution is to store your ETH based NFTs in a MetaMask Wallet and protect that wallet from attacks via a Trezor cold wallet. That's right.

Keep your NFT's available to trade and sell, but keep them safe behind the firewall of the best cold wallet on the market. This Trezor blog article will show you the steps to protect your investment. Your Trezor can be used to store and secure your NFTs.

To view your NFTs, you will need to use an explorer with a dedicated gallery function, such as opensea. But, the Trezor will allow you to change the screen display with an NFT you pick. All the instructions are here in the Blog Article

Happy Hunting and make sure you go to the official Trezor site to buy your cold wallet. There are plenty of scams out there ( even amazon got hit ) with fake wallets that will allow you to load your crypto and then take it. Find the real thing here at

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